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Customer Raves & Reviews

Great as client gifts!
Sep 8, 2014
Thankful Reflections Tear-Off Calendar Magnets Excellent product; my clients love receiving these each year with the Christmas cards. The only improvement would be to have better adhesive. A few of the calendars detach from the base. But 98% of them are just fine!
This is one of my main mailings every year and folks like it.
Sep 5, 2014
Thankful Reflections Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I send the Thankfulness calendar out at Thanksgiving to 300 people in my sphere, before they get the Christmas card rush. I personalize it by printing biz card size cards with inspirational phrases, verses, poems...different sets for different groups, in place of my biz card. I put a sticker I the back with my Real Estate info for them to contact me. I think they really don't need my face staring at them all year but they remember who sent it and how to find my phone number if they need me. Often When I enter people's home, I see the calendar on their refrigerator. These calendars are very affordable for the quality and value. The return address labels on the other hand are too pricey for me.
Like the pictures very inspiring
Aug 23, 2014
Inspiration for 2015 Tear-Off Calendar Magnets Liked that there was a different picture for each month.
Magnetic calendar is a great marketing tool.
Feb 1, 2014
Curbside Enhancements Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I ordered them on Monday and received them in Ontario on Thursday, very quick shipping, I was very impressed. I would recommend to other business people.
Great calendar
Jan 29, 2014
Home Sweet Home Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I have used this perfectly sized calendar for years in my real estate business. My customers expect to get a new one each year and when I visit them in their homes, it is usually displayed on their refrigerators. They make comments to me on how it is the perfect size and how much they enjoy it throughout the year. I am very happy with the product at such a great price and I love the fact that I can place my current business card each year. Thank you for providing a great product and I look forward to continue to use it throughout the years.