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Step RSVP Postcards

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Wedding Invitations
Apr 11, 2014
Nautical Dreams Step RSVP Postcards M.S. did an awesome job with our invitations! It was easy to simply pick our color scheme and then all designs implemented them. They were flexible with font, small tweeks to different colors of font and images. Also, the price was so much less than other websites! Thank You!
Love these!
Feb 20, 2014
Perfect Promise Step RSVP Postcards Invitations ended up turning out great! I can't wait to send them out!
Very nice
Jul 25, 2013
Lovely Lavender Step RSVP Postcards I am an extremely picky bride & after searching numerous online sites for invitations this was the only one I found that I was interested in. It is slightly plain, but at the same time elegant and chic. The paper is the thickness I was hoping for & overall I'm happy with the product. I ordered them in black & changed some of the font to a cursive. The only negative I have is that in the pictures it appears that the RSVP cards fit inside the pocket, however when you fold the invitations the RSVP is too large to fit in the pocket unless you fold it in half as well.
Grogeous Invitations
Jun 24, 2013
Romantic Mason Jar Step RSVP Postcards The invitations we created through Magnet Street are absolutely perfect. The invitations fit our personalities and were exactly what we wanted. The price was great and the quality is exemplar. We will be ordering thank you cards!
Exact Match
Mar 21, 2013
Sweet Anemone Step RSVP Postcards This whole set was exactly what we were looking for in an invitation. What pulled us in was the pocket - then to find one with the flower we are using in our wedding was the perfect match. The materials are good, and the prices are better.