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Promotional Sports Schedule Magnets

Their team may not always win—​but your marketing will.

Win or lose, fans follow their favorite teams with loyal passion. Capitalize on that passion by packaging your marketing into something they’ll look at and use all season long: a magnetic schedule of their favorite sports team. Personalized with your photo, logo and contact info, Sports Schedule Magnets interact with your clients game after game—​offering countless opportunities for lead conversion, customer retention and brand awareness.

Quality Designs & Printing

Each season our in-house graphics team creates modern, professional Sports Schedule designs that deliver high impact and style. Using innovative printing technology, we custom-print each promotional Sports Schedule in vibrant, full color.

Advanced Personalization

Our sports schedule designs come with extensive customization options. Personalize any schedule with your name, photo, business logo, and contact info. For a polished look, personalize the font and colors to match your professional brand image.

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