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RSVP wording. It seems to stump many a bride and groom but the RSVP wording is a place that you and your guests can have a lot of fun interacting with–specifically the accept/decline lines. And who knows, guests may even respond faster if the wording makes them smile.

RSVP must haves:
1. Guest{s} line
2. Accepts line
3. Declines line
4. RSVP date

How to get your creative RSVP’s on: 
Do you have a wedding theme i.e. rustic, vintage? Having a holiday wedding? Frame your RSVP wording around the specifics of: your wedding theme, season, style and/or formality. Take your time to experiment with phrasing, rhyming, and word plays. Bear in mind that the key to effective RSVP wording is wittiness balanced by wisdom. Not all share the same humor so keep it positive, unoffensive and clear as to which line they should respond to.

5 samples of creative RSVP wording:

1. An Outdoor Wedding

In Full Bloom Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -outdoor wedding



2. A Fun, Whimsical Wedding

Mustache You to Wed Wedding Invitation Design

funny RSVP wording -whimsical wedding



3. A Modern-Traditional Wedding

Antique Filigree Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -modern wedding



4. A Totally Casual Wedding

Love and Gratitude Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -casual wedding



5. A Rustic-Country Wedding

Candlelit Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -rustic wedding


What do you think … yay or nay on creative RSVP wording? Do you have a favorite style?






Wedding RSVP Wording

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The great thing about modern weddings- is that you’re encouraged, now more than ever, to put your thumbprints on each area of your wedding. Not in a high pressure, outdo your cousin’s wedding sort of way … and not in an expensive, hottest colors, must-have the latest trends {although- the sheer lace platform shoes featured yesterday- I would totally go for} sort of way either.  It’s about putting your personal stamp-on the wedding of your dreams.

But I digress. My point is to have fun, get creative and specifically, with your reception card wording. So, today’s post is a refreshed version of this post. Starting with RSVP 101 …

Anatomy of an RSVP Card
What every good response card should include:

peacock rsvp postcard

Modern Peacock rsvp postcard invf-12260


1. Guest{s} A traditional approach is the M_______ or a less traditional approach Name{s}___________
2. Accepts line
3. Declines line
4. RSVP date (usually 2-3 weeks before your wedding date)
5. *Asking guest to initial meal selection- especially helpful for a sit down event. Your caterer gets the right count, your guest gets the right food and everyone is happy!

Creative Wording … make the most of your creativity if your wedding is on or around a holiday, the specific beauty of a certain season or a unique locale or destination.

Accepts/Declines wording options

spring- be there with blooms on/ unfortunately, our schedule sprung a leak
summer- the heat is on and we’ll be there/ must decline, may everything come up roses
fall- looking forward to gathering with you /sorry, our basket is full that day
winter- wouldn’t miss the hot chocolate/ regretfully cannot join in the jolly
Christmas-accepts with joy/ sorry, to miss this yule-time event
western- yeehaw, we’re there/ shoot, can’t make it!
beach- yes, counting the waves/ sorry, allergic to sand
mountain destination- can’t wait to blaze trails with you/ sadly, all booked up.
Vegas-  it’s definitely in the cards/ sorry, out of luck that day

Pump up the excitement and get your guests interacting with a unique question
Have fun and consider using the extra space to ask your guests for wedding wisdom, their favorite dance song, special quote, or something to remember them by. For instance, the featured RSVP card says … Silly or sweet, share a tip on love and marriage. From hilarious to serious, the responses you’ll get, will make you smile! Awww, wouldn’t it be fun and sentimental to pull the RSVPs out on your one-year anniversary?

*Number your guest list and correspond that number to the back of each RSVP card.
*Save on the environment and save on postage costs by sending RSVP Postcards without the envelope.

Check out all the RSVP Card designs.

What wording ideas you have?


Wording Your RSVP Cards

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Have fun wording your RSVP Response Cards and still receive all the information you need! Of course~ there are standard essential components that always apply no matter the style of your wedding… formal, casual or somewhere in between.  Keep reading…

RSVP Wording Must Haves:

You need to know who is coming to your wedding~ especially if you’re using a seating chart to seat guests.  Plus, your caterer will need a final head count.  

The 4 essential components:

M —————-


Name —————

Accepts line your guest(s) are coming

Decline line your guest(s) are not coming

RSVP on or before date (2-3 weeks before your wedding date)

Depending on the style of your wedding and the tone what you want to convey, experiment with the wording.  Here are a couple options…

—–graciously accepts

—–regretfully declines,

—– Yes! See you Soon

—– Sorry! Love to but can’t

Please reply on or before July 12, 2010

What else can go on your RSVP cards? Meal Choice:

Name —————

—–graciously accepts

—–regretfully declines

—-Chicken  —- Steak —- Seafood

Please reply on or before July 12, 2010

OR a combination thereof…


accepts/declines, meal choice is: Chicken/Beef/Seafood

What else? Favorite song choice

Name —————

—–graciously accepts

—–regretfully declines

—-Chicken  —- Steak —- Seafood

Favorite song ———–

Please reply on or before July 12, 2010

This knowledge will help you choose your playlists for the DJ/Band, etc.

HOW ELSE can you HAVE FUN with your RSVP Cards?

By turning them into keepsakes! Pose a question to your guests… Ask them to write their thoughts on the RSVP Card re: … wedding day advice… honeymoon advice… being married/getting married advice… HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE!  You’re sure to get a variety of funny, heart-felt and memorable bits of advice from loving family and friends! Fun for them to write and fun for you to receive and have for keepsakes!

Tips: To eliminate the deciphering of bad handwriting, number your guest list and correspond that number to the back of the respective RSVP card.  And, make it easier on your guests by sending stamped, self-addressed RSVP postcards/envelopes.

What will you be including on your RSVPs? Leave a comment! I love LOVE comments!

thanks for reading…


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