Art Deco Wedding Theme

Feb 10 2012

Art Deco … we’re seeing this theme or simply elements from this era {1930’s – WWII} in modern weddings. Originating in Paris during the 1920’s and riding in on the heels of Art Nouveau {see this post for inspiration} it is so easy to see why this decorative art style continues to have its influences on us! Eclectic … jazzy … elegant … stylish … just some of the adjectives I’d use to describe this style–that always seems to somehow stay current.

Attributes of the Art Deco decorative style include: geometric, angular designs, repeating patterns and motifs, bold colors, straight and streamlined typography.

Want to incorporate the era of Art Deco into your wedding look–regardless of your wedding style? It might be easier than you think–without having to have an all-out Art Deco theme. Using three wedding styles– modern, rustic, and vintage we show you just how naturally the beauty of the Art Deco style translates and transcends…

Urban Jazz

Think sleek. Think sensational. A few touches of an Art Deco aesthetic seems almost effortless to incorporate into a modern, urban wedding. Seek historical venues with luxurious Art Deco influences in color and ornate trimmings. The 1920’s-30’s inspired gowns are hopelessly sexy and romantic … silk and bias cuts. For your wedding stationery, look for the patterns and fonts that lend themselves to your style, formality and that of the Golden Age.

art deco urban chic wedding inspiration


Rustic Eclectic

Because Art Deco is an eclectic style, you have some freedom to bend the so-called rules. Mixing in looks and experimenting with textures and tones would be fun and freeing–especially for a rustic wedding setting. From dress and accessories to playful topography, find those elements that step in time with the look and feel you’re going for. This sweet and stylish bride & groom sign leans more towards “art nouveau” but using a font such as “Parisian” “Avant Gard” or “Eccentric” you can easily bring your signage to the next era!

art deco rustic wedding inspiration


Vintage Glamour

The 1920’s and ‘1930’s were all about glamor and splendor. This era is a fascinating treasure trove–beholden to all things beautiful, charming and magnificent. Sparking jewels and elaborate accoutrements, high ceilings, peacock bouquets, checkered ballrooms and clinking champagne glasses are all reminiscent of an age that was looking towards a bright and brilliant future. Be inspired by the best that this era has to offer your modern wedding–laden with vintage glam!

art deco vintage wedding inspiration


What do you think about the Art Deco style for a modern wedding? Which elements could you see incorporating into your wedding?


bias cut gown, beaded headband, tea cup & earrings, bride and groom sign, blush satin gown, peacock bouquet,

Wedding Stationery: New York Square Wedding Invitation, Southern Grace Save the Date, Modern Simplicity Save the Date,



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5 thoughts on “Art Deco Wedding Theme

  1. Vintage Glam….Urban Jazz….just the style names themselves sound enticing! Art Deco seems so classy, cool, and timeless. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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