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Meet Jen–one of our graphic designers at MagnetStreet. Jen is the artist behind this inspiration board that includes one of our newest designs, Whom My Soul Loves. Featuring a Save the Date and Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite, this soft mood board sets the tone for a charming event with a vintage vibe.

Here’s Jen to share her inspiration behind the design of Whom My Soul Loves …

 “My design was born from a country/vintage inspiration. I love the combination of the wild flowers and delicate lace that drive the design. My goal was to take numerous design elements and piece them all together in a way where each one complements the others. The fonts match the artwork with their organic, hand-drawn characteristics, and the soft colors add to the vintage charm. The invitation features the second part of a Bible verse adapted from the book of Song of Solomon (3:4) “I have found the one whom my soul loves” which came to name this design suite. Each element works together to create a sweet romance–perfect for any wedding day.”

What do you think?

"Whom My Soul Loves" pocket wedding invitation suite and vintage inspiration. Design by MagnetStreet, Photos by Katelyn James.

Behind the Design is a blog reoccurring series that features the inspiration behind the design.


For permission to use their photography, much thanks to …

Photography by Katelyn James 

  • gina on June 10, 2013 @ 4:26 pm

    I love this design, Jen!
    It’s beautiful.

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