Behind the Design: Watercolor Mason Jar

Jul 5 2013

Behind the Design is a recurring blog series that puts the spotlight on a new design, the MagnetStreet graphic designer that created it, and the inspiration behind it. Having insight into the design, we can see how a real bride and groom can infuse a current trend into their wedding look. Be inspired!
Megan -MagnetStreet Behind the Design
Here’s Megan to tell us about her inspiration behind the design: Watercolor Mason Jar

“This design was inspired by combining two trends; watercolor and mason jars. It has the elegance of rich watercolors, overlaid with playful mason jars. The script font—EmmaScript—works together with the organic feel of the mason jars and watercolor, while the straight lines of Avenir keep it clean and modern. I imagine a fun and modern couple that want to incorporate a vintage twist. This couple will have tiny luxurious details and they have a love for handmade flare. And even though they have multiple styles, their entire wedding goes together seamlessly.”

What do you think about Watercolor Mason Jar for a modern couple with a love for vintage?

Browse Watercolor Mason Jar Stationery Suite.

Watercolor Mason Jar wedding stationery--MagnetStreet Weddings


For allowing us to use their photography … much thanks to:

Mason Jar and Sweets Table: Lane Dittoe Photography

‘Bridesmaids:  Jennifer Bagwell Photography



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One thought on “Behind the Design: Watercolor Mason Jar

  1. I love this combo! Mason jars, watercolor…feels contemporary, yet has that fun rustic/vintage-y feel. Love the purple + turquoise palette, too. 🙂

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