Birds & Butterflies

Oct 12 2011

Birds and butterflies are two popular wedding themes that have stood the test of time! Use them as a perfect prelude to set the tone on your save the date or carry them throughout your wedding look.

Love Birds … Sweet and romantic, love birds are symbols of love, purity, faithfulness. Did you know that doves choose one partner and mate for life? How incredible and extremely symbolic for a wedding. From artful to whimsical, here are 5 save the date magnet options with a bird theme. If a certain design has you tweeting and singing, carry the bird theme to your invitation suite, thank yous, favors–and perhaps even to your holiday cards for this year.

{click to enlarge} Browse all of the bird-themed designs at MagnetStreet Weddings.

birds save the dates


{top left} Elegant lovebirds,{large right} Birds in Bloom, {bottom left}Love birds, {bottom middle-Holiday Card} Christmas Love Birds, {bottom right} Loyal Birds

Carrying the Birds in Bloom Save the Date design to the Tea-length wedding invitation, Table Number Cards as well as Thank You Cards. {click to enlarge}


Bird wedding invitations



Delicate butterflies … lighthearted and fanciful. Butterflies are found in many cultures–symbolizing transformation, new life and lightheartedness. American Indian lore says that if you catch a butterfly, whisper your wish to it and set it free–your wish will be taken straight to the heavens. So gentle and ethereal–it’s hard not to fall in love with the fancifulness of butterflies and these butterfly save the date designs!

Love butterflies too? Browse all of the butterfly-themed stationery designs Change the colors to reflect your wedding colors on any design!

{click to enlarge}

Butterfly Save the Dates

{top left} Enchanted Butterfly, {large right} Romantic Archive Mini Magnet, {middle left} Inquiring Butterflies,  {bottom left} Polka Dot Butterflies {Sorry! Polka Dot Butterflies is not long available} {bottom middle} Butterfly Breeze {Sorry! Butterfly Breeze is no longer available} -Photobooth style, {bottom right} Fluttering Bliss-Mini Save the Date

Carrying Fluttering Bliss across your butterfly theme across to the layered invite, enclosure card, thank you and address label. Check out the entire Fluttering Bliss suite here.

butterfly wedding invitations


Which is your favorite design?


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2 thoughts on “Birds & Butterflies

  1. I am planning a butterfly themed wedding too, since I’ve always been a fan of butterflies. I even have a tattoo of one on my back, and I’ll make my wedding dress so it can be seen. Thanks for the design ideas, I might use save the date magnet to give my guests an idea of what the wedding will be like. I have also been checking out this site for butterfly favors.

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