Color Monday: Classic Black, White & Red

Oct 1 2012

One of the most popular wedding color schemes is Black and White–with a touch of Red. How much red can and should be used? Well, that depends on the couple of course … little touches for some and big, bold splashes for others. To see this combo in action, I’ve personalized three of our most popular Wedding Invitations.

A black and white color scheme automatically has a formal feel to it. And adding a few touches of red has the potential to make a striking impact. Look at how the bride and groom’s names–shown in the red script font–simply pop off the invitation. The emphasis is rightly placed on the couple.



There is lots of movement in the black background of this design and the swirls of red add even more liveliness and whimsy to the overall effect. Could this bold and unusual choice be just the style of invitation you’re looking for?



Of course, not every Black & White event needs to be formal. Go ahead and have fun! Polka dots are a wonderful way to add playfulness to your wedding, even if they’re not in the invitation. (And who can resist this adorable puppy! Not me!)

If this isn’t enough for you, feel free to personalize any Wedding Invitation or Save the Date in black, white, and red. Who knows you might just find the invitation you’ve always been looking for.


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What designs would you like to see in Black, White & Red? Did you try them out?




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