Bridesmaid Dresses: bright, bold, soft, & white

Mar 29 2012

Whether you fancy your bridesmaids looking somewhat alike or mixed and matched, there is no doubt about it–there is so much pretty out there when it comes to bridesmaid dresses! With the variety of hemlines, necklines, colors, fabrics and wear-again styles, it makes it easy to say yes to the dress.

We’re curious: what bridesmaid look are you going with: bright, bold, eclectic, neutrals, pastels, white?


Bright & Sunny–like these cheery yellow bridesmaid dresses.

yellow bridesmaid dresses

via Bridesmaid Trade Blog


Bold & Beautiful–like these dreamy jewel-toned beauties.

blue bridesmaid dresses

via Once Wed


Eclectic and Mix & Match–like these super-fun, vintage-floral bridesmaid dresses.

via Glitter & Pearls


Sleek Neutrals–like these stylish short charcoal black lovelies.

black bridesmaid dresses

via Demoiselle


Pretty Pastels–like these light and airy bridesmaid dresses.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

via Trending Fashion


Elegant white {or ivory}–like these dreamy beach bridesmaid dresses.

white bridesmaid dresses

via The Best Fashion Blog


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13 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dresses: bright, bold, soft, & white

  1. oh my gosh, those mix-and-match vintage florals are just adorable! Especially with the umbrellas — too cute. And I’m always a fan of jewel tones, so the peacock-inspired colors of the second picture really stand out at me, too. 

  2. I’ve always loved the idea of choosing the same color dress, but in different styles to flatter each bridesmaid. I also love the same dress in a monochromatic color scheme.

    Such fun ideas!

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