Cake Toppers Made in Your Likeness

Aug 7 2008

I happened upon these amazing cake toppers from Thumbprint Kids Cake Toppers and Figurines and couldn’t help but share them with you.  Each figurine is made in the likeness of the bride and groom and are hand-made from polymer clay.  The artist renders the likeness from photos.  I am having so much fun admiring her work.  (Btw, each photo will link back to the original photos so you can see and admire the toppers from every side and in further detail).

It’s astonishing how much of the bride and groom’s personality comes through in their faces and postures. There is so much playfulness to them.  How about that cute pug in the fold of her dress?

Check out the detail in the dresses, the flowers, the pups.  What’s so great is that they’re not cookie cutter, truly personalized in the image you want…  Too fun!  What a great keepsake.

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6 thoughts on “Cake Toppers Made in Your Likeness

  1. This kinda creeps me out too. A lot like the woman who had her wedding cake made to look like her (full size). To each his/her own!

  2. I agree with previous posts-may be a little on the creepy side. I’d rather have a bobblehead cake topper-it would make it a little more fun and not so weird.

  3. I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I think it’s cute seeing as some people might want to keep these as keeps sakes for the rest of their lives it’s nice to have them look just like them. Actually I’m writing this to ask where I would be able to have something like this made. I’m getting married on the 18th of October. If someone could reply to me I would much appriciate it. is my e-mail. Have a great day!

  4. These are absolutly amazing!!!! Im really into baking and cake decorating at home….so these fascinate me!! I love that people arn’t just having traditional and classical white wedding cakes anymore. A lot of talent is going into these cakes. Very nice…. :-)

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