Caption This Photo!

Mar 2 2010

Do you ever look at wedding ads and then think… I don’t get it but I got a great caption for it!

Who wants to have some fun with me today?

If you were to write a caption for this ad, what would it say?

{Let’s see.  We’ve got a woman in a wedding dress, swooning on a white horse in a barn.}  Hmmm.

go ahead. have some fun!

{all in good fun {Modern Bride}… we heart you!}

image scanned from one of their print ads last year. i re-discovered it today and felt like having a little fun with it.

Okay. Caption this photo!


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16 thoughts on “Caption This Photo!

  1. “I’m so tired from all the wedding planning. If only I had someone to help me onto this horse and bring me to my wedding so I can just get married already!”

  2. when is my knight in shining armor going to come carry me away? or maybe he’s fallen off his white horse 🙂

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