Guys in Bow Ties!

Apr 11 2012

The bow tie has been around for centuries. Is there anything more classic? And nowadays, with the explosion of colors and patterns–the wedding bow tie can be such a flexible part of the groom’s attire. They can retain their classic...
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Color Monday for the Groom!

Feb 20 2012

Happy President’s Day! It also happens to be Color Monday … we thought we’d kick off this week with some inspiration for the groom. Pantone recently announced their fashion color report for fall 2012. Similar to the fall colors for...
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Groom Style & Wedding Invitations

Aug 12 2011

We usually pair wedding invitation designs as they relate to the bride’s style …  So today, we’ll be giving the groom’s style a shout out– because every groom has a distinct look and a unique style too. What do you...
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