Wedding Videography: How & What to Consider

Sep 15 2015

Thinking about wedding videography? How to choose your videographer...
Is wedding videography in your budget? Should you make it a priority? Where do you start? Wedding Videography {Unveiled}: Where, How & Who If you’ve decided Yes to wedding videography, the next questions to ask yourself are: why do you...
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Unique Wedding Quotes For Decor, Invites & Programs

Sep 11 2015

Unique-Wedding-Quotes, Readings, Poems, Sayings, Wishes
Unique Wedding Quotes, Sayings, Poems & Readings… Check out MagnetStreet’s extensive list of unique wedding quotes to use in your décor and stationery. Sprinkling words of wit and wisdom here and there and across your Programs and Invites lends as...
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Seriously Stunning Fall Engagement Photo Shoot

Sep 8 2015

Gorgeous fall engagement photo shoot
Picturesque Fall Engagement Photo Shoot A New York state park setting, a gorgeous couple and a talented photographer. Boom! The perfect recipe for some seriously stunning fall pictures. Are you looking to have a fall shoot–with a changing landscape that...
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