5 Common Wedding Program Mistakes

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Smart and Stylish…  The tone of your wedding ceremony is set through the tone of your wedding program. They’re conversation starters and your guests will read them! Below are 5 common mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding programs.

Tea-length Wedding Program from MagnetStreet + 5 common mistakes to avoid when planning your programs.

{featured: Vision of Love Tea-length Wedding Program}

#1. Not putting a personal twist on your program design!

Let your personality shine! Your program is a practical stationery item but it’s also a keepsake and another opportunity to carry your colors, coordinate your theme and share your personal side. Choose the size and shape that best fits your personality and wedding style. A few noteworthy items:

  • a snapshot of your love story
  • poems & other unique wording
  • special thank yous, memorials, dedications

#2. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare!

Program preparation is paramount! As the order of events and music can change at the last minute, this stationery piece is usually the last item to be ordered. Start early. Be aware:

  • does your place of worship have strict guidelines i.e. music?
  • check acoustics at ceremony site–it might not be right with your selected music
  • is your timeline and order of events reasonable?

#3. Not proofreading your program!

No misspells! Have a few trusted family and friends take a look at your program to make sure you’ve got the deets down and in the right order. A few proofing items include:

  • listing out the wedding music: “song” (composer) performer
  • ensure there are no typos
  • order of events is correct

Get Program Wording Ideas & Templates


#4. Not including the important details!

 Consider your content! Programs are conversation starters that also help guests get comfortable right from the start. And, guests are wondering about the important people taking a major role in your big day! Remember, programs are keepsakes too. Consider adding:

  • short, wedding party intros/bios
  • who’s who: readers, musicians
  • explanation of wedding rituals/traditions

#5. Not taking advantage of discounts and giveaways!

Be budget conscious! When you take advantage of discounts and giveaways {not just on your programs–but on all of your stationery items} you have a better chance of staying on budget and even getting a few of those extras you have your heart set on! YAY.

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How to Carry Your Wedding Colors

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Creating Color Flow Throughout Your Wedding

Your wedding colors are important! And what makes them so important is that they are instrumental in creating the mood you want. Carrying your colors to essential focal points will bring a sense of balance and continuity to your overall wedding look. Whether your style is rustic, regal, or somewhere in between, your colors will help you achieve that certain quality and tone to each facet of your wedding–from the ceremony to the reception. A wedding color scheme typically has 2-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent colors. Need somewhere to start? Discover combos in our color theory guide, and check out the latest color trends, as well as browse color inspiration boards for season and mood.

5 Focal Points in which to Carry Your Colors

1. Wedding Stationery

Save the Dates | Invite + Suite Items | Programs | Favors | Thank Yous

The first indication of your wedding style is seen through your stationery–with your colors being the centerpiece of the design. Set the tone and carry your colors to each piece in your suite.

Featured: Truly, Madly, Deeply Save the Date & Invitation. Like this design? Get a free sample + color palette.

Custom blue wedding invitation from MagnetStreet--get a free sample.


2. Wedding Attire

From a wedding sash and hairpiece to bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties, it’s really fun to see the wedding colors played out in wedding attire for you and your wedding party. And while it’s typically the bridesmaid dresses that carry the primary color, feel free to mix it up with fun ties for the guys, unique socks and non-floral boutonnieres.

blue bridesmaid dresses from Pepper Nix Photography


3. Ceremony Décor + Florals

Whether you go simple or sophisticated, the ceremony is a lovely place to show off your color scheme. From ribbons to florals, carry your colors and style down the aisle.

wedding ceremony aisle decor. Photos by Pepper Nix Photography

4. Reception Décor + Florals

From table linens and candles, to glassware, centerpieces and containers, carry your colors in unique and varied ways. Get creative as a little color goes a long way. Similar to this square glass cube vase filled with a variety of beautiful orange flowers, get a little monochromatic with a mixtures of textures and shades. This variety brings visual interest and a unique perspective to your color scheme.

Blue table linens and orange flowers. Photo by Pepper Nix Photography


5. Natural Surroundings

What easier (and least expensive) way to carry your colors and enhance the mood and look than by borrowing from the beauty that nature so readily provides. From blooming rose gardens to tree canopied walkways, lean on nature’s landscape to enhance the mood and bring drama to your setting.

mountain wedding-Pepper Nix Photography



Special thanks to Pepper Nix Photography for sharing all this loveliness from this luxe destination wedding in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Be sure to check it out.


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6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

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Planning your wedding invitation suite should be a breeze, right? Well, it can be as stress free as possible–if you avoid the major planning mistakes that have the potential of putting you behind schedule and off-budget. Simply put, wedding invitation planning takes time and consideration!

Below are 6 common pitfalls to avoid while planning your wedding stationery. But alas, even if you’ve fallen into one pit or another, here are few ladders to help you climb out!

Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite from MagnetStreet + 6 planning pitfalls to avoid.

6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls {& how to avoid them!}

#1. Not taking advantage of giveaways & discounts!

If you’re not getting the best wedding deals, it might be because you’re not aware of them. If your wedding pros offer discounts through their e-newsletter, be sure to subscribe so you can enter those terrific giveaways and take advantage of timely sales. Sign up, enter and save!

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#2. Failing to get organized ASAP!

Staying organized is huge! It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of to-do’s and end up feeling overwhelmed at the end of a day. It has been said that if you’re organized, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the wedding planning process. Get organized–from wherever you’re at in the planning process … to the moment you say, “I Do.”

Download our free wedding planning checklist.


#3. Not ordering samples before you buy!

Getting samples {preferably free!} is a huge part of of feeling confident in your wedding purchases. From color to quality to customer care–you want to feel confident with the company you are purchasing from. So, visit those venues, samples those sweets and investigate those invitations!

#4. Not having your invite suite weighed at the Post Office! 

Did you know that the Post Office charges more for a square shape? Another reason to take your samples {that you’ve requested} to the post office for an accurate postage rate. Bring all of your pieces in–including your envelope–to get a handle on your postage costs for each invite you send. No surprises please!

More budget-saving info:
7 ideas for saving $ on your Save the Dates


#5. Not paying attention to certain etiquette!

Etiquette does matter! And while the reigns have loosened quite a bit, there are elements you want to get right: adults only invite wording, wedding gift etiquette, military and professional titles to name a few … Paying attention to the details will help your guests feel cared for and appreciated.

Visit our etiquette resources and look over and pull out that which pertains to your unique situation.

#6. Not proofing your invitation & suite items!

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to overlook a misspelled name {even yours!}, an incorrect web address, a date that doesn’t match up … It happens. All the time. Those easy misspells and pesky grammar rules are easily overlooked but by taking your time and paying attention, you’ll avoid those awful proofing omissions. Our advice: check. Check. RECHECK!

This post contains a helpful Proofreading Checklist for Wedding Invitations.

*And after you’ve checked, checked and rechecked–that’s the time to get 1-2 more detail-oriented family and friends to help you proof it again!


Where are you at in your wedding stationery planning?

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Responsibilities Every Best Man Should Know!

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“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” Jim Morrison

List of Best Man Duties

Congratulations! You’re the guy for the job…

From supervising the other groomsmen and preparing your speech to decorating the getaway ride, here’s a sneak peek at the:

12 Best Man Duties 


Supervise the other groomsmen. Keep them organized and informed, make sure they show up to fittings, etc.

Organize the bachelor party.

Wedding day

Hold on to the bride’s wedding ring.

Make sure the groom has the marriage license.

Transport guests to and from the airport if needed.


Read them all.

Plan your walk down the aisle with confidence! Check out more free wedding resources from MagnetStreet.


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!


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