Bridesmaid Dresses: bright, bold, soft, & white

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Whether you fancy your bridesmaids looking somewhat alike or mixed and matched, there is no doubt about it–there is so much pretty out there when it comes to bridesmaid dresses! With the variety of hemlines, necklines, colors, fabrics and wear-again styles, it makes it easy to say yes to the dress.

We’re curious: what bridesmaid look are you going with: bright, bold, eclectic, neutrals, pastels, white?


Bright & Sunny–like these cheery yellow bridesmaid dresses.

yellow bridesmaid dresses

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Bold & Beautiful–like these dreamy jewel-toned beauties.

blue bridesmaid dresses

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Eclectic and Mix & Match–like these super-fun, vintage-floral bridesmaid dresses.

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Sleek Neutrals–like these stylish short charcoal black lovelies.

black bridesmaid dresses

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Pretty Pastels–like these light and airy bridesmaid dresses.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

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Elegant white {or ivory}–like these dreamy beach bridesmaid dresses.

white bridesmaid dresses

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Dogs and Weddings

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Dogs and weddings … does it get any cuter than a well-behaved and adorably dressed dog to get guests oohing and ahhing? And, they make for such great photo opportunities too! Are you considering having your pooch walk your rings down the aisle or hang out at the reception?  Well if you are …

Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

Ensure your pup is up for the challenge.

1. Are dogs even allowed? Check with your officiant, venues to make sure it’s A-ok to have pets at the ceremony and/or reception.
2. Guest Safety: Your dog needs to be well-trained, friendly. You don’t want any biting, jumping, or lots of barking from your pet.
3. Guest comfort: Delegate the doggie doo patrol. And, keep in mind that some guests might be afraid of animals–no matter how sweet you know your pet to be …
4. Pet comfort: Make sure someone is overseeing to the dog’s care, watering and feeding throughout the day. And, about the adorable outfit–if your pet is physically uncomfortable in it, they won’t be happy.
5. Pet safety: Check with the florist to ensure the flowers are safe–just in case a petal or two gets ingested or that their bow-tie isn’t too tight, etc.

Tell us about your pet … will you be having him or her or at your wedding?

images: {top} Elizabeth Anne Designs {photo by Dottie Photography} &{bottom} Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings {photo by Flickr: gomattgolson}

“Pets at Weddings” article: Wedaholic
Contributing Writer: Kathryn Hagan


Maid of Honor Duties

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Maybe you’re wondering …

Who and What is a Maid of Honor? Unmarried, the Maid of Honor {MOH} is usually the bride’s sister or best friend. Through thick and thin, the MOH will attend to the bride–through planning and wedding day! The Matron of Honor is married.

Although each relationship is different and there are countless factors to consider for each situation, find below 14 of the top Maid of Honor duties plus 4 Bridesmaid duties.

Top 14 Maid of Honor Duties

1. Be there for her all the way through-  she chose you because she trusts you!
2. Go with the bride in search of THE dress, venue, etc.
3. Help the bride select the bridesmaid dresses.
4. Plan the wedding shower & bachelorette parties {planning, splitting the costs with the other bridesmaids}
5. Be the hostess with the mostest at all the parties, making sure everything runs smoothly.
6. Help keep the other bridesmaids organized & on time: fittings, parties, etc.
7. Spread the news- help spread the word on specific info i.e. registry info, an adults only event…
8. Help address save the date & invitation envelopes.

Wedding Day

9. Hold the bride’s bouquet & the groom’s wedding ring during the ceremony.
10. Attend to the bride’s train and veil- for perfect pictures, etc.
11. Toast the bride & groom at the reception.
12. From head to toe, help keep the bride looking beautiful on wedding day.
13. See to the safety of the gifts and wedding envelopes.
14. Be a best friend!

Top 4 Bridesmaid Duties

1. Attend parties- from engagement to rehearsal dinner.
2. Attend fittings, be on time and follow the bride’s timeline for ordering, etc. If you’ve got issues, field them through the Maid of Honor.
3. Help the Maid of Honor plan and pay for shower, bachelorette or any special parties or functions.
4. Do your best to remain cheery & gracious–even if you don’t feel like it.

Are you a Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid? What would you add to these lists?

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Wedding Etiquette: Uneven Wedding Parties

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One less thing to stress out about during wedding planning … wedding party symmetry.

There’s so much to love about modern weddings. One contemporary concept I really like- is that it’s not considered poor wedding etiquette for couples to have an uneven number of wedding attendants.  Modern couples don’t have to feel forced into choosing between best friends or feeling obligated to ask someone to be part of one of the biggest days of their life, just to keep the sides even. If desired, it’s ok to have two maids of honor, or two best men or an honor attendant {opposite sex} …

With all of the creative ways to get down the aisle and take pictures, it is almost guaranteed to be interesting, fun and full of personality! Your photographer will know exactly what to do.


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What do you think of uneven wedding parties?