Truly Engaged: Finding Our Dream Mini-Honeymoon

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I’m getting married! Now what? Truly Engaged is a new blog series written by Rachel, our *newly engaged* staff writer. As she wades her way through the wedding planning process, she’ll be sharing some of the emotions, inspiration, and insight she uncovers along the way.


The honeymoon isn’t over…it’s just getting shorter, cheaper, and closer to home.

Finding Our Dream Mini-Honeymoon - MagnetStreet Weddings


When my fiance Tim and I vacation after our wedding in September, we won’t need a passport, a plane ticket, sunscreen, or even sandals. All we’ll need are two simple things: an overnight bag and a tank of gas.

Like many modern couples, we have decided to take a “mini moon” after the wedding–which is essentially an abbreviated honeymoon that is cheaper, shorter, and closer to home. Why? Well, it’s not because we don’t love exotic locales: In fact, we met while both working in Quito, Ecuador back in 2009. Our decision to “mini moon” came from a medley of factors: time, money, work schedules, moving…

After months and months of planning the wedding, and a super busy wedding weekend, we decided that for now, less is more.

With that in mind, we used these four “less is more” factors to help decide our mini-honeymoon:


Factor 1: Less Transit = More Time

We both work full-time, which makes our vacation time finite and fleeting. The wedding itself (and all the pre-wedding planning) has already depleted much of our vacation time, leaving us with a few precious days to take for our honeymoon. However, we realized that the less time we spent traveling to our honeymoon destination, the more time we could spend actually at our honeymoon destination, relaxing and basking in newlywed bliss.

Therefore, we narrowed down our mini-honeymoon options to places that we can easily access within a few hours of driving. That way, we could squeeze the most out of each “mini-moon” minute. No wasted times for layovers, shuttle buses, or cab rides…just three hours flat and we’re there!


Factor 2: Less Travel = More Luxury

Like many couples in this economy, our money is on the tighter side–and the last thing we want to do is enter our marriage with debt or empty wallets. By  staying local, we realized we could save hundreds and hundreds of dollars. No pricey plane ticket, no settling for a “mediocre” resort because we spent all our cash on the round-trip airfare. By staying local, we could afford amd indulge in a more luxurious place. Jacuzzi, fireplace, AND floor-to-ceiling lakeside views? Yes please!


Factor 3: Less Structure = More Spontaneity

Often times when you travel afar, you fill your days with pre-planned and pre-paid activities/excursions. In contrast, our simple, local mini-moon allows our vacation to unfold organically. Without pre-paying for activities, we can simply go with the flow and take each moment as it comes. It will feel spontaneous and exciting…just like the early days of dating. And what better way to celebrate marriage than to remember the way we fell in love in the beginning.


Factor 4: Less Pressure = More Fun

There’s so much build-up and pressure to having the “perfect” wedding, followed by the “perfect” honeymoon. It’s as if you’re never going to have another vacation again! But we love travel, met while traveling, and plan to make travel a pursuit of ours throughout our life together.

By taking a mini-honeymoon, we are putting less pressure on making our honeymoon the “ultimate vacation”. Instead, we can just focus on doing what we already do best: having fun. We can just laugh, relax, and enjoy being ourselves–our married selves, that is! :)


So where did we decide to go? Well, some things are best left a surprise….but it’s along the shores of Lake Superior and we couldn’t be more excited to go on our “mini-moon” in September. :)


I’d love to hear from more couples: Are you having a “mini moon” (mini honeymoon) after your wedding? Or if you already had your mini honeymoon, where did you go? Are you glad you went the “mini moon” route?


Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

Tim and Rachel


Where Are You Honeymooning?

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Leave a comment on where you’re going or where you went for your honeymoon!

be it an island paradise… the south of France… or a romantic little B&B upstate…



Retro-Swimsuits for Dog Days and Destinations

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It was 62 years ago this month that the bikini made its debut in Europe.  However, the navel wasn’t publicly paraded on America’s beaches, until the 1960′s.  Think Elvis movies and Beach Blanket Bingo.

I still haven’t figured how bikinis get continually more expensive when there’s less and less of it every year… Oh well.

Need another suit for that destination honeymoon or to welcome the dog days of August?  Retro-designed swimsuits are a fun blast from the past.  Via Closet Charm, I found this adorable halter style, pink with white polka-dot one piece from (also in black).  Not usually one for polka dots, they are starting to grow on me. Too cute!

Retro-style suits can be very flattering as well.  From classic sheaths and bandeaus to swimdresses, you can even get your suit custom-made at Esther Williams swimsuits online store.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Bikini info source:

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Iceland as a Honeymoon Destination

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I was challenged by a reader some time ago to find a honeymoon destination that was out of the ordinary~ full of intrigue and excitement.  I pondered African safaris and river rafting in Bali; in the end, I couldn’t tear myself away from the incredible images from the land of Fire and Ice.

Not necessarily romantic but good-to-know facts about Iceland
Located in the most northern part of Europe and on the Mid-Atlantic ridge (ridge that almost splits the Atlantic Ocean from north to south and where molten rock seeps through) Iceland is a hot spot for geological action.  A country this far north should be covered in ice but the ridge keeps the ice at bay.  Thus~ the land of Fire and Ice.

That said, Iceland has many volcanoes, natural hot springs, geysers, rivers, lava fields, glaciers, etc. to see and experience.  Gaze upon the pure, raw beauty of this country!  Hmm, if I could re-do my Carribbean honeymoon, I just might trade it in for an Icelandic one…

City of Reykjavik
Reykjavik (Rey-ka-vik) is the capital of this country, where most of the population lives (and parties) and is the gateway to all things fantastic in Iceland.

Famous Hot Spot: The Blue Lagoon
Note to self: first stop is this geothermal spa.  Reported to be only a 20 min. drive from the airport. 

The Golden Circle
The Golden Circle is a tourist route that covers the SW peninsula and can be done in a day!  Gotta see sights include: Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss golden waterfall and Thingvellir state park
The mother of all geysers

Gullfoss Waterfall
Beautiful rainbow!  I can just hear the roar of the water.

Thingvellir National Park
Just stunning!

Northern Lights
Aurora Borealis.  Imagine being bundled up in a blanket with your new husband watching this late night , laser show.  WOW!  This my kind of drama!

Icelandic Horses
Horseback riding is sooo romantic…

Drama, splendor and romance…sounds like the perfect honeymoon destination to me!

Fun Facts:
  • 2nd largest island of Europe. Same distance from NY to Iceland as NY to Los Angeles.
  • Is it freezing or what? Gulf Streams makes for moderate year-round temps. Bring your bikini only for the natural hot springs and hotel though.
  • Not a lot of snow (MN is probably colder and has more snow)
  • Language: Icelandic (but most speaka English too)
  • When to go: uh, Spring and Summer (July temps hover around 54ºF)
  • Daylight: Mid-winter has 4-5 hours daylight. Summer does not have too much darkness but Spring and Fall are about the same as North America.
  • Do Icelanders believe in Elves? Maybe. You’ll have to ask them and report back.
What do you think?  Is an Icelandic adventure honeymoon for you?

Map of Iceland: Wikipedia

Fun Facts Source: Icelandic Tourist Board
Photo Courtesy Stoneflower Blue Lagoon
Photo Courtesy Gunna Horseback riding
Photo Courtesy Deivis Northern Lights
Photo Courtesy ScubaBeer Geysir
Photo Courtesy Clatie K Thingvellir
Photo Courtesy Kristin Sig City of Reykjavik, Guilfoss Waterfall

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