Getting The Groom Involved In Wedding Planning

Nov 13 2015

Getting The Groom Involved: Part 2 While it’s true that some grooms love that their brides do all the planning, some love to pitch in where they can and help–according to their talents, abilities, and desires! Welcome to the second in...
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10 (Last Minute) Fall Wedding Ideas

Nov 6 2015

10 fall wedding ideas (totally doable. totally affordable)
10 Last Minute Fall Wedding Ideas Totally Doable. Totally Affordable. Hello, Autumn! We love you–with your muted landscape, copious comfort foods, aromatic spices, cooler temps, cozy flannels, backyard bonfires, and beautiful weddings. It’s an inspiring time of year! Are you getting married...
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Bride Testimonial: Wedding Planning For Today’s Grooms

Oct 23 2015

Grooms and Wedding Planning Natalie and Kyle had a sweet arrangement when it came to sharing wedding planning tasks. Read along as Natalie shares how they tackled their “to-do” list and what parts Kyle truly cared about and had fun...
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Wedding Videography: How & What to Consider

Sep 15 2015

Thinking about wedding videography? How to choose your videographer...
Is wedding videography in your budget? Should you make it a priority? Where do you start? Wedding Videography {Unveiled}: Where, How & Who If you’ve decided Yes to wedding videography, the next questions to ask yourself are: why do you...
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