Beach Save the Dates: Jennifer & Greg

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Jennifer and Greg are perfectly-adorable and the consummate beach couple! Because they spend so much of their time on the beach and in the water, it’s only natural that they would choose Honey Moon Island in Dunedin, FL for their engagement session. Their beach photos are so fun–and a great snapshot into their relaxed and playful sides.

And we love that Jennifer couldn’t choose just one Save the Date–but four! I can’t say I blame her–their photos are fab!


Beach Save the Dates

Wedding Style: We are going for a rustic beach wedding look. I want all the dresses to be very flow-y–nothing stiff or heavy. {I feel so lucky to have Pinterest in my life!}

Colors: Coral, Tan and Light Aqua/Teal.

Ceremony, Cocktail hour & Reception:
Our ceremony will be toes in the sand followed by cocktail hour on the grass under a gazebo overlooking the beach. The reception will be in the ball room at the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach, FL.

Photographer: Alicia Danene Photo–on Facebook.
Alicia is a friend of the family and she photographed us at Honey Moon Island in Dunedin, FL.  We had so much fun doing the shoot! Greg and I live on Indian Rocks Beach, FL so it was appropriate to have the shoot at a beach. We are ALWAYS in the water, beach cruising, surfing or hanging out at a local beach bar.

Beach Save the Dates: MagnetStreet Weddings
“I loved using Magnet street! I played on it for hours … I went on several sites and yours was the most user friendly and had the most options. I couldn’t just choose one style!!

beach engagement photos


Thanks Jennifer & Greg–for sharing your fun, engagement photos. We look forward to seeing rustic beach wedding style realized. And we couldn’t agree more–thank goodness for Pinterest!


Jennifer & Greg personalized these Save the Date Magnet designs:

top left: Devoted top right: Snapshot Sweetness

bottom left: Simply in Love  bottom right: Western Charm

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New York City Engagement Photos

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Remember Danielle and Eric’s real wedding and the hurricane that took them by storm? Well, we simply could not pass up sharing their engagement session too … this time taking New York City by storm. This mega metropolis impromptu location couldn’t have played out more perfectly for documenting Danielle and Eric’s love story. Lights, camera, action–so much excitement and  loads of visual interest. Here’s Danielle to tell us about their session in the city that never sleeps, their fearless photographer and the rest of their unforgettable weekend.

Locations: Times Square, New York City … Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY … Long Island, NY.
Photographer: Zac Thomas


“Our engagement shoot was so amazing!! After almost two years of going back and forth with Zac Thomas {who I initially found via a Facebook ad} about how amazing his photographs were and how different his work was from traditional engagement shoots, Eric finally popped the question. Zac was one of the first people I contacted upon being proposed to. I knew, even years prior, that I wanted him to capture our day. The engagement shoot was included as part of his package, as he uses it as a way to get to know the couple prior to the big day and get a feel for the kind of photos they are looking for at their actual wedding. He flew into New York and decided to stay in the city for the weekend–this was his first time.



The original plan was just to find a park or a beach that we could go to and get some shots that Saturday for our engagement shoot, but Zac emailed me as he landed in NY, “What are you guys up to after work? Why don’t you come meet me in the city and we’ll get some city shots tonight and do the park stuff tomorrow?” Well, we raced out of our 9-5’s and met him by 7PM, casually dressed, no frills, just out to take some pics in the city and get a feel for Zac’s photography. Needless to say, we all became fast friends.

Zac was literally laying down in the middle of Times Square, stopping traffic, just to get the shots he wanted. There wasn’t a cab driver in the city that was a fan of Zac that night!



We expected to have traditional city shots in front of notable buildings, since Zac was a tourist of New York–but we wound up in random staircases of restaurants, outside parking garages, and in front of random candy trucks.  Zac made it a point to go past a few barriers in Rockefeller Center to get a couple shots he wanted to! I have a theater background, so we stopped to take a few pics in front of one of the theaters I had worked in and used the parking garage attached to it as a “theater space” for photos–which wound up coming out amazing- so amazing. I actually used a few of them as head shots, eventually.



We also took a few shots in a random subway hallway, which to this day, I recognize every time we pass it in the city- it was a little grimy and disgusting, but the shots came out gorgeous!



We went back to the parking garage and he decided to take a bunch of shots of Eric and I in the elevator, as it was closing and got an amazing stream of shots of the doors closing.



As we drove Zac back to his hotel, he decided to take a shot of my ring in the back of Eric’s car … going full speed down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and it managed to come out like he did it in a perfectly still room!



The next day, we did our shoot as planned, going to Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY–which was always a special place for me to take photos as it has so much variety–as far as backgrounds go.



We finished up in Long Beach, New York and Zac even managed to get us to “go a little crazy” getting soaking wet in the ocean for some amazing shots!! We finished up by taking a picture on the very bench that we shared our first date, and that Eric eventually proposed to me on …

It really was an amazing experience and I really can’t say enough about Zac Thomas’ work!



Amazing indeed! Courageous, audacious … we love every urban and beach-y detail of this weekend-long engagement session! Congratulations to you all three of you on your fun, adventurous session! Interested in learning more about Zac Thomas? Well by all means, learn more about his fearless photography style here

Congratulations Danielle & Eric!




Dogs and Weddings

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Dogs and weddings … does it get any cuter than a well-behaved and adorably dressed dog to get guests oohing and ahhing? And, they make for such great photo opportunities too! Are you considering having your pooch walk your rings down the aisle or hang out at the reception?  Well if you are …

Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

Ensure your pup is up for the challenge.

1. Are dogs even allowed? Check with your officiant, venues to make sure it’s A-ok to have pets at the ceremony and/or reception.
2. Guest Safety: Your dog needs to be well-trained, friendly. You don’t want any biting, jumping, or lots of barking from your pet.
3. Guest comfort: Delegate the doggie doo patrol. And, keep in mind that some guests might be afraid of animals–no matter how sweet you know your pet to be …
4. Pet comfort: Make sure someone is overseeing to the dog’s care, watering and feeding throughout the day. And, about the adorable outfit–if your pet is physically uncomfortable in it, they won’t be happy.
5. Pet safety: Check with the florist to ensure the flowers are safe–just in case a petal or two gets ingested or that their bow-tie isn’t too tight, etc.

Tell us about your pet … will you be having him or her or at your wedding?

images: {top} Elizabeth Anne Designs {photo by Dottie Photography} &{bottom} Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings {photo by Flickr: gomattgolson}

“Pets at Weddings” article: Wedaholic
Contributing Writer: Kathryn Hagan


Southern Wedding Photography: Jennifer Blair

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Today’s “day after” session is sweet, swoon-worthy and brought to us by Southern wedding photographer–Jennifer Blair {Jennifer Blair Photography}. Being from Minnesota, we simply cannot get enough of the “ya’lls”, mason jars, charming traditions and country escapes. Southern weddings are just that irresistible. That said, enjoy this darling and relaxed “day after” session and read along as Jennifer chats with us about her photography style, Southern weddings and of course, our beautiful newlyweds: Lindsey and Wesley.

southern wedding ideas

Jennifer, can you tell us about your style and about southern weddings in general?

I think it’s amazing that the art of photography captures some of the essence of the photographer as well as the subject. In my work you can see a love for natural light, artistic composition and sweet Southern charm. I like to think outside the box and create images that encapsulate emotions, instead of copying whatever is trending at the moment.

A Southern wedding is a very distinct type of wedding. They are usually steeped in tradition and must incorporate sweet tea. (It’s not a true Southern wedding without sweet tea!) A lot of Southern weddings are big family affairs, where everyone lends a helping hand whether it be held in a church, an open field or the family barn.

About Lindsey & Wesley

Lindsey and Wesley are a perfect match. She’s the super sweet one that makes him smile and he’s the funny one that makes her laugh. It is obvious that they balance each other out very well. They also share a deep love for music. Lindsey is a music teacher at a local Middle School and Wesley works in banking, but can tear up a drum set. When talking with them it doesn’t take long to see how much they love each other. They have that look of love in their eyes when they gaze at each other. It’s quite precious!

southern wedding ideas

Do you shoot many “day after” sessions?

Sometimes a couple opts to do a “day after” session so that they are more relaxed. They can be the day after the wedding or sometime after they get back from the honeymoon. With this type of session they don’t have any time constraints and can be more casual, letting their personalities shine through a little bit more. Lindsey & Wesley chose to do this session for those same reasons. They wanted to incorporate some fun accessories that showcased their personalities like her sweet ruffle cardigan and his bow tie and argyle socks. They loved the idea of having some relaxed, artistic photos in a natural surrounding along with the ones of their wedding day.

southern wedding ideas

southern wedding dress

southern wedding ideas

Location of session

There is certainly no shortage of open fields and dirt roads in the South.This is wonderful because I love to shoot at locations with fields and dirt roads! This particular little town called Graceville has an over abundance of such places. It takes a little bit of driving down old winding roads to find these little gems, but it is always worth it!

southern wedding ideas

Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks Jennifer for giving us a glimpse into the charm and sweet simplicity of Southern weddings. Now everyone, run to see all of Lindsey and Wesley’s gorgeous pics on Jennifer’s blog.


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