Charity Wedding Favors

Jul 22 2011

This week and last, MagnetStreet employees took off early to head out to Feed My Starving Children {FMSC}- a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that, through the help of volunteers, packages food and ships it to starving children all around the world! If you’ve volunteered with FMSC before, then you know how incredibly humbling and gratifying this experience is.

I tell you this- not because of how awesome I think MagnetStreet is for caring {although I totally do} I tell you this because FMSC also has a fantastic marketplace. So, for couples looking for charitable wedding favor donation ideas or gift ideas that are eco-friendly, sustainable and help fulfill desperate global needs- you don’t have to look any further!  From coffee and clothing, to home décor and jewelry … check out the marketplace at FMSC.

Here are two handmade ideas that I saw in the marketplace and fell in love with:

Hand-embroidered note cards- made by women in Haiti. These cards are so beautiful and reasonably priced!

charity wedding favor

Jewelry made from recycled magazines Ugandan women cut recycled magazines into strips and roll them into beads. So colorful, fun, durable and unique!

charitable wedding favor

Don’t let the hairnets scare you! Check out FMSC to learn more about everything from donating to volunteering to partnerships and more.

What do you think about these charitable wedding favor ideas?


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9 thoughts on “Charity Wedding Favors

  1. I’ve helped out a couple times and every time it’s a very humbling experience. I absolutely recommend it too, just like you did. It’s such a great opportunity to reach out and help people!

  2. I have been a proud supporter of FMSC for years! I love their mission and working together as a group to help others that our less fortunate. I was so excited when they opened a location in the Chicagoland area. Thanks for getting the word out to more people about this great organization!

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