Christmas Ornaments and Memories

Dec 15 2009

I love trolling around Anthropologie for ideas and inspiration.  I’m sure you know what I mean.

I found these ornaments in their holiday decor section and they reminded me of growing up. Every year, my mom would attach a special Christmas ornament to one of our presents.  Not just any ornament~ no, these were special ornaments… beautiful. hand-crafted. tree worthy {Mom was a bit of a Christmas tree snob}.  These ornaments from Anthropoligie bring back some very sweet memories.


anthro mushroom

anthro skate


I think the caroler is my favorite. Her little hand-painted face is sooo sweet.

Mom would also “make” us enter the local Christmas ornament contest every year…  although we would put up a bit of a stink at first, we always ended up having a blast constructing our little felt and button creations.

…All those little Christmas time memories. Share one of yours!


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