Apr 19 2011

I love good drama! For instance, creating a dramatic, romantic space in which to say your wedding vows, kind of drama. We chatted about exchanging vows under dreamy coverings such as arches, trellises, giant trees, etc. in this blog post … all amazing~ but what about the wedding Chuppah as a favored focal point idea for the ceremony? Not only can they be a beautiful ceremonial focal point, they are also rich in symbolism.

Originating in Jewish culture, a Chuppah is a canopy {or covering} tied to four poles that are either secured to the ground or held by honored family or friends. The canopy symbolizes the home the couple will build together. It also represents the presence of God over the covenant of marriage.

Chuppahs can be simple or elaborate and placed indoors or outdoors. What do you think about {renting} building and decorating a Chuppah for the ceremony?

red Chuppah

wedding chuppah

jewish wedding Chuppah

info source: The Wedding Yentas

images: Wedding Wire


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