Color Monday: Citrus Weddings

Apr 8 2013

For today’s Color Monday we’re featuring citrus wedding colors. Using natural combinations of oranges and yellows is an easy way to add energy and excitement into your color palette. And these juicy hues are certainly eye catching and worthy of our attention. Adding in actual citrus fruit to your wedding will be a lot of fun! Let’s personalize a few wedding invitation designs in citrus-inspired colors and see what mouth-watering combinations we can make.




Coral & peach start us off with a mellower version of “citrus”. While a peach isn’t literally a citrus, it seems related. The warm tones that peaches and nectarines inspire certainly work as a citrus wedding. When the Abstract Flowers Wedding Invitation is transformed from the dark colors into the lightness of coral and peach, the whole design takes on a juicy flair. The graphic elements of the flowers now become a delicious nod to a juicy fresh peach, without the mess!


orange wedding invitation


Moving toward a more traditional citrus color, orange is a wonderful choice. Combining carrot and sunset mimics the natural tones of real oranges. Keeping everything in this lively hue could be overwhelming, but the Southern Grace Wedding Invitation design pulls it off nicely. It would be like sending the warmth of spring right to your guests. How yummy is that!




Perhaps you’re looking for citrus to turn things up a notch. Well, yellow is your answer to that. It will activate your guests’ taste buds, especially a lemon drop yellow like marigold.  Gentle Breeze Wedding Invitation design can be transformed from a warm design (that starts out in coral!) into a punchy yellow and still keep the simple modern flair we love.


My taste buds are certainly activated! These wedding invitations are just perfect for that citrus wedding you’ve been dreaming of. But don’t worry if this isn’t the wedding for you – all of these designs can be changed to whatever color you’re looking for. Try it out for yourself!
Play around with yellows and oranges and let me know how it goes!



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