Color Monday: Autumn Teaberry Pink

Aug 13 2012

Pink for autumn? Oh yes!

We’re used to seeing autumn wedding colors typically center around the reds and oranges, not pinks. But a blush pink like Teaberry and Ivory, can also be a perfectly elegant choice for autumn too. So if you’re looking for something unique and non-traditional for your fall wedding, give this pretty pink a try.

These six tones remind me of a vintage or a southern wedding but could be so beautiful for an autumn wedding too. Because of Teaberry’s yellow undertones, it is a warm pink–making it a perfect pink for fall. Let’s try it out on several wedding invitations:



Personalized with pink, our Plaid Peony Wedding Invitation becomes warm and romantic, just the kind of feeling an autumn wedding should evoke. The warmth of ivory works well with the Teaberry Pink and Dusty Rose.




What a difference color makes! Personalizing with Teaberry and Ivory again, our Adorning Damask Wedding Invitation becomes soft, simple and uber-romantic. Adding the Wine hue ensures that the bride and groom’s names command attention with style and readability. Even the classic look of the damask pattern itself reminds us of autumn leaves.




Boldy showcased in Dusty Rose, this wedding invitation is completely transformed. Lending to the delicacy, the graphic flowers are highlighted in Teaberry Pink. If you take a look at the original colors, Honeycomb Cluster uses an interesting yellow mustard shade … also lovely for an autumn wedding.

When you step outside the box, you just might find a winner like Teaberry Pink. Don’t be afraid to play around with color combinations that aren’t traditional for your season. You’d be surprised how perfectly a color can work for your wedding. Give it a try on any of our wedding invitations! To get you started, here are some Pink Wedding Invitations or some Pink Save the Dates.

Do you like Teaberry Pink for an autumn wedding?




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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Autumn Teaberry Pink

  1. Love the combo of light pink with a deep pink/red like Burgundy or Wine. I could totally see this color palette for a fall vineyard wedding!

  2. Love these Lindsay! Thanks for the reminder of going “outside the box” to find extraordinary color combos–perfect for the season and style.

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