Color Monday: Chartreuse for Fall

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It’s Color Monday–the day devoted to color inspiration for your wedding palette!

Chartreuse {one of Pantone’s fall 2012 colors} is not a color normally associated with a fall palette. We usually associate vibrant and light colors with spring. Think about a Granny Smith apple for a second … pair it with caramel and you have an amazing combo. Just like coating the apple in caramel, paring chartreuse with deep tones and classic fall colors makes a delicious treat – for the eyes this time.

To start things off, we paired chartreuse with mulberry–a medium purple tone. In our palette, chartreuse is close to lime. Mulberry becomes a nice counterpoint to the bright hue that is both interesting and complementary. Here, we personalized aPolka Dot Passion Save the Date Magnet. Feel free to try it out on any of our Save the Dates!


Choosing a classic fall color like orange, lime becomes a fresh and interesting pairing. These two colors are rather exciting together. They have lots of personality that leads you to believe this wedding will be fun and lively. With a bold combination like this, you’ll have tons of fun. Here we personalized “Circle of Love” Rectangle Wedding Invitation but these same color choices would work just as well on a Pocket Wedding Invitation, try it for yourself!



To tone things down, pairing chartreuse with a deep color like burgundy is always appropriate. The richness of the burgundy is a great counterpoint to the crisp green. This color combination is classic yet modern, perfect for a formal affair in late fall. We have many Classic Wedding Invitations for you to try this pair out on too!



As you can see, not only is chartreuse a fun color for spring, it can also be delicious in fall. What do you think? Would you use chartreuse for a fall wedding? Have you ever seen chartreuse used in a wedding?



  • HeidiMarkgraf on August 27, 2012 @ 12:14 pm

    Wow, great inspiration Lindsay! I’m smitten with chartreuse and esp paired with orange! *LOVE*

  • Rach on August 27, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

    Love the deep purples paired with chartreuse/lime…such a great fall palette! Reminds me of a vineyard…mmmm :)

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