Color Monday: Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Sep 23 2013

4 areas for color coordination

Choosing your wedding colors is so much fun and an exciting part of the wedding planning process! Important too–since the whole wedding look hinges around those hues. For this week’s Color Monday we have a soft and modern palette for you, lovely for an outdoor wedding. Plus, we’re taking a look at 4 important areas for color coordination: venue, vibe, season, and stationery. Have you chosen your colors yet? Before you commit, make sure you coordinate … see below.

Coral, Charcoal and White Wedding Colors

Charcoal, White and Coral Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors!


State your style. Set the mood. Signify the season.

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Which colors are you most drawn to? Begin with your favorite colors and download our Color Theory Guide to become familiar with the color wheel. Learn how to create the right color scheme for you by choosing 2-3 main colors and 1-2 accent colors. You’ll also learn how, which and why certain colors go together.

Tip: Get custom color swatches printed in your wedding colors.
Request your free personalized color palette from MagnetStreet. Share them with your bridal party and wedding vendors.

Top Trending: Eggplant, Navy, Classic Gray, Black



Your wedding colors and your venue.

4 areas for color coordination

#1. Coordinate your colors with your WEDDING VENUE!

Since you will need to settle on a venue early on, wait until your venue has been finalized before you finalize your wedding colors. You don’t want to clash with the patterns and the colors of the venue’s carpeting, wallpaper, etc. And if you’re getting married around a holiday, ask if and how your venue will be decorated. This may affect your color scheme, too.

Tip: Want a venue but think it’s too expensive? Check off-season prices for the winter months of Dec. Jan. Feb.

Trending: Unique venues such as zoos, state parks, historic theaters, barns, farms. Be inspired by Sera and Josh’s Art Deco wedding at this NJ historic theater.


Your wedding colors and your wedding vibe


#2. Coordinate your colors to your WEDDING VIBE!

Colors have meanings. From pink {romantic} to red {dramatic} to black {formal} to gold {glamorous} … What kind of mood do you want to evoke at your wedding? Match your colors to reflect the mood and atmosphere you want to create.

Tip: Take this easy wedding style quiz to help you zero in on your style.

Trending: vintage, Art Deco, nautical, rustic

Recent Color Monday inspiration:

*Vintage: soft, muted: pink, tan & brown
*Art Deco: sparkly, glamorous: black, gold, burgundy
*Nautical: clean, crisp: royal blue, ruby & gold
*Rustic: earthy, natural: pumpkin, celadon, champagne, green

Your wedding colors and wedding season


#3. Coordinate your colors with your WEDDING SEASON!

Your wedding colors and flowers should naturally reflect the season you’re getting married in. Don’t be boxed in by a traditional palette, use your color wheel to find secondary and tertiary hues to add just the right pop of color to your palette.

Summer: bold & bright–like cornflower blue & kiwi green
Fall: warm & rustic–like eggplant & navy
Winter: rich & elegant–like gold & silver
Spring: fun & cheery–like coral & celadon

Tip: Choose flowers and menu items that are in season and grown from local vendors.

Trending: June, August, September and October are the most popular months to marry.

Coordinating your colors and wedding stationery!


#4. Coordinate your colors to your STATIONERY SUITE!

Your wedding invitation is most likely the first official glimpse of your wedding colors. Be sure to carry your colors to each piece of your stationery suite to keep a consistent and cohesive look.

Tips: Use Design Studio, MagnetStreet’s online editing tool to consistently match your colors across your stationery items. Browse most popular invitation designs.

Make sure your colors and invitation paper is right:

1. Choose your invitation paper. Request free a samplepersonalized in your wedding colors.

2. Order Just One of your entire stationery suite–personalized with your colors, photos, fonts and wording.

Trending: Art Deco, destination, vintage


Have you chosen your colors yet? Tell us about them!

For allowing us to use their photography, much thanks to …

Chairs, Bridesmaids, Venue, Bride & Groom on stairs, Bride & Groom in ivy, Glasses clinking, Flower girls, Venue: Olivia Leigh Weddings {via 100 Layer Cake}, Flowers, Bride & Groom: Casey McFarland Photography {via Peter Loves Jane}


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