Color Monday: Classic Love Wedding Programs

Jun 24 2013


Color Monday is here again with another look on how color can transform your stationery design! For today’s design, we’re using Classic Love Wedding Programs. The simple lines of this entire Wedding Invitation Suite is both modern and classic at the same time.

By simply changing the colors, we can evoke a new mood. Let’s see …


Swapping out the blue in Classic Love for soft, pink tones instantly creates a romantic and vintage effect. And while vintage in feel, the crisp circle gives structure to the design and lends a modern take. It’s the perfect pairing of vintage and contemporary.

Pink wedding programs from MagnetStreet





Using bright carrot orange as a background makes a vivid and powerful statement. A color scheme like this is a lot of fun and perfect for summer or fall weddings! Bold pops of color are a fun way to keep your wedding look memorable and high energy.

Orange wedding programs from MagnetStreet




For a touch of elegance, we’ve paired wine with charcoal. The subdued tones invoke a more regal feel. Vineyard wedding anyone?

pink and gray wedding programs from MagnetStreet





What are your wedding colors? Try out this Wedding Program in your colors.

How would Classic Love look in your wedding colors?



Designer for MagnetStreet




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