Color Monday: Energize

Jan 28 2013

Welcome to Color Monday!

It’s time to get pumped up! We’re taking a look at Pantone’s Energize palette today! This rounds out our discussion of the Color of the Year: Emerald. We’ve seen the two other palettes, Heritage & Sophisticated. So this is the last in the series…. for now! (It is the color of the YEAR after all.)

So this palette is all about the greens. Here we’re pairing a light lime green with our beloved Emerald green. The funny thing is, Emerald is almost a blue green when compared to our other greens like: Rainforest, Kiwi, and Lime. It makes an interesting combination. Whenever a bright lime green is used, energy seems to follow. Emerald green does little to subdue the lively nature of lime green. Therefore, this palette is full of energy and spunk, thus the name: Energize!




Starting with a clean Save the Date design like Snap a Shot … this palette pop off the page. Emerald and Lime green are a great combination for modern weddings. The bold combo of colors suggests a very fun and vivacious sort of wedding. The couple that chooses colors like this doesn’t want their wedding to fade into the background. This wedding is going to be memorable! There is likely a fun, bold shoe hiding under her wedding dress.





Moving in a more typographic direction, Drawn to Love Save the Date design is another contemporary choice. Ready for the secret to using these greens together? Use white as a bold accent color! In both of these versions, the white transforms from a background into a showcase color. It helps balance these vibrant hues without losing their energy. The wedding behind this Save the Date would be very different as well. It could be a garden–though not in the traditional sense! It would have to be very edgy and spunky with interesting splashes of color. Think big leaf accents on the table. Table cloths could be the lime color with emerald napkins atop gleaming white plates. There might be white leaves adorning the bride’s headpiece, with the bridesmaids having similar ones in the bright green tones. Don’t forget their bold jewelery that you can see from the back row!





Last but not least, we have Seamless Charm Save the Date–personalized in our green palette. This design certainly fits with the contemporary feel of this palette. The diagonal stripe is so dynamic in Lime green. It seems fitting that the bridesmaids would have a bunch of bangles on their wrists, perhaps choosing a simple bouquet, to show them off. The photo booth associated with this wedding would have spirited accessories in bright colors, maybe with a few bright green hats!? An all-green palette would surely work for a March wedding, perhaps even on St. Patrick’s Day! This color combination would work for a spring wedding, whether it’s in March or April.


To use an energetic combination like this, start with a Modern Save the Date or a Typographic Save the Date. Don’t worry, the colors can be personalized in any way that you want. You can choose to use Emerald and Lime green or other colors entirely! Feel free to play and have fun.

What details do you see with a Emerald & Lime green wedding? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Color Monday: Energize

  1. I love the typography on Laura and Ryans save the date card especially. That really stands out as does the photo on Rebecca’s save the date card! Classic photo!

    Great use of the color palette Lindsay as the black and white photo really stands out with this.

    Have a great week ladies

  2. Love this punchy palette! The lime and emerald look great paired with black and white photography, too….helps to balance out the look. Fun!

  3. I get so confused with the color of the year.. I’ve read somewhere that it’s also “Grayed Jade,” but I’m liking the Emerald better 🙂 I’m digging the Emerald and Lime color combo! 🙂

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