Color Monday: Greens of March

Mar 18 2013

Welcome to Color Monday.

No matter what the weather is like, green is the color of March. From the palest green shades of mint, through the brightest shades of lime, all the way to emerald – green is a versatile color! The diversity within the green spectrum means that there is a green shade for every person. We’ll personalize a few wedding stationery items in green tones to celebrate this color of the month (and the color of the year too!).



We’re starting off with a St. Patrick’s Day design: Love of the Irish Save the Date. Flipping the colors from light to dark makes this one sing an entirely different tune. Converting black to celery and turning the bright Kelly green to the blue-green of emerald softens this design. Perhaps one of these greens might be the trendy green you’ll end up loving.






Taking things in a vintage direction, we have Inspired Devotion Wedding Invitation. The muted Sage and Olive green bring out the art deco typography and elements in this invitation. The brown-green shades are much more subtle and are often the actual colors found in nature–after all, not every plant is watered all the time. A muted color just might be the ticket for your unique wedding.





Lightening up with a sweet minty green, Perfect Petals Wedding Invitation speaks of a soft spring wedding. Combining green with clean clear white and classic gray keeps the color pure without interruption. If this is the color for you, consider using the mint green only in accent pieces instead of having it everywhere. Let the grey and white carry most of the elements of your wedding. A restrained use of this spring green will keep it feeling fresh.






Turning things up a notch, Elegant Vines Save the Date personalized in a vibrant lime green sets an entirely different tone. The high energy of the bright green flower and the lime green of the save the date relate in a very modern way. This is not an event to be missed, full of bold uses of bright green set off with a strong black & white background. Perhaps a bright vibrant green is the green for you.


There are more greens than any other color of the spectrum. Give a few a try for your wedding invitation or save the date. You never know what you’ll like once you start personalizing your design!

Give green a chance and let me know how it goes!



Designer for MagnetStreet




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