Color Monday: Heritage

Jan 14 2013

For this Color Monday we’re continuing with the exploration of emerald, Pantone’s color of the year and their mood palette called Heritage. Think collegiate colors like emerald green, classic blue and scarlet red. The Heritage palette is a vibrant one and brings to mind thoughts of cozy cabins, plaid fabrics and a scheme that’s rich and colorful.


Featured on Circle of Love Save the Date Magnet …

Emerald really pops with scarlet adding tons of energy to the palette. Used carefully, it looks homey and comfortable–especially when paired with classic blue and charcoal.

Circle of Love personalized with emerald



Featured on Sassy Stripes Save the Date Magnet

Textile patterns are a wonderful place to find your wedding colors–like this gorgeous tartan fabric. Rich in tradition, here’s a color palette that will undoubtedly add a historical feeling to your wedding.

Sassy Stripes personalized with emerald

Sassy Stripes personalized with emerald



Featured on Southwestern Textile Save the Date Magnet

Who can resist such a rugged combination of colors? Keeping these bold colors balanced with soft neutrals makes the combination sing. These colors evoke the feeling of a crisp morning just bursting with opportunity for the day.

Southwestern Textile personalized with emerald

Southwestern Textile personalized with emerald


Try out your own combinations on MagnetStreet’s Save the Dates. Any colors on any design can be changed to match to your wedding colors. You can even use custom colors (like emerald here) to match the colors you’re dreaming of!

Do you like this heritage palette?




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