Color Monday – Lace It Up

Dec 5 2011

It’s Color Monday and we’re at it again! Let’s totally transform a design once more. Again, we’ll take a bold save the date and wedding invitation design and make it soft and textured.

The design, “Lace It Up” evokes a country western feel. The strong colors are dramatic and bold. I love the flourishes and the background lace pattern.


If you just change the colors, you can transform the design into something totally different! “Lace it Up” Save the Date is gentle and airy and its Wedding Invitation is as light as a feather. The light pink really brings out a romantic, vintage feel and the silver brings out the subtle softness to the pattern. Can you believe the dramatic difference that is created by just changing the colors? Remarkable!

A more delicate look can be achieved with just your choice of colors. So don’t shy away from any design. If you like it, simply redesign it in the colors you want! By the way, this combo looked great with many different colors … I chose “Dusty Rose” but “Rain” or “Lime” brought out a whole new look as well. And, when paired with “Silver” how could you ever go wrong? Give it a try right now in our Design Studio! (just click “Personalize It“)



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2 thoughts on “Color Monday – Lace It Up

  1. Color has such a profound effect! Once again, this is a design I would have passed over because the original colors are not for me.

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