Color Monday: Pale Blue Fans

Apr 29 2013

“Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight” – John Ruskin

Well said! Blue is a wonderfully sweet color for spring. Images of an expansive blue sky and sweet blue ribbons can hardly be avoided. Let’s see how Wedding Programs Fans look when personalized in pretty pale blues.




Starting with Classic Allure Wedding Program, we can see how replacing the strong black with sweet blue creates a very delicate look. With the swirls in the design lightened, the feel is airy and light–transforming this traditional design (and color combination) into a unique one!





This Wedding Program Fan, Crush on Watercolor went through a complete transformation, exchanging bright pinks and oranges for a pale blue. The difference is like night and day–or more appropriately–like sunset and day!  The textured look becomes calmer, cooler when bathed in monochromatic blues. The delicate white design is highlighted and becomes even more interesting. It really is quite lovely!




Damask elements are a classic wedding element. When personalized in a light blue, this design creates a new and trendy vibe. Using a lighter blue makes it soft and gentle, not at all like a traditional damask. In fact, this design would be very interesting in many different colors. Try out your wedding colors in this Heart Program Fan, Flawless Filigree!



Check out all of the Wedding Program Fans  – which is your favorite?



Designer for MagnetStreet




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