Color Monday: Setting the Mood

Jun 11 2012

Happy Color Monday–the day devoted to the transforming effects of color to any MagnetStreet design!

Today we’re talking about using color to set the mood for your wedding. Because colors have meanings, they are the best place to start, for creating the atmosphere you want! Some couples start setting the mood right away with their Save the Dates while some prefer to use their Wedding Invitations to set the mood. Alas, there are no rules.

So how do you want your guests to feel at your wedding? What is the overall emotional tone you want people to have?

Choosing your colors: Again, there are no rules but it’s easier to immediately convey a certain mood right off the bat with a primary color. The other colors in your palette will work in tandem to support the primary color and the mood you want to create. For instance …


For a vintage feel

Soft muted colors work really well. This pretty cool blue lends a sense of nostalgia on its own and when combined with other muted pastels {like lavender, pink, ivory, gray, and beige}, enhance the vintage feel. In addition to the soft hues, the ribbon banner and large numerical font on this Save the Date design, hint at a previous era while the large photo says “contemporary”!

Vintage Banner



Fairytale Romantic

One of the most exciting colors on the continuum is red … you can go from sweet to sexy to swanky. And light pink is a notorious shade that signifies romance and youthfulness. As originally-designed, Plaid Peony Save the Date is a design that encapsulates everything that is playful, fun and fairytale.

And if you want more zest … just add red!

Plaid Peony


Elegant and Refined

From beige to dark chocolate, you can’t help but feel the sophistication with warm browns, wines, purples and metallic gold. These colors simply exude opulence and luxuriousness. The elegant flourishes along with the wine and gold color scheme gives Royal Twist Save the Date design a posh look.

Royal Twist



Rustic Charm

Just a quick nature walk will having you pining for a natural color scheme. Don’t you love the way nature puts colors together–with those gorgeous leafy greens, robust browns and the medley of other colors? Down-to-earth yet vibrant with color, no wonder a rustic style remains so hugely popular. Think golden sunsets, reds, foliage-green and earthy browns.

Entwined Frame


You can change the colors on any Save the Date design–to achieve the mood you want! Try it–using Design Studio, our online personalization tool.

What mood are you going for?


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