Color Monday: Vision of Love Wedding Programs

Jun 3 2013

Happy Color Monday!

It is truly amazing how much the tone and formality of a design can change–simply by changing the colors! Today we’re using Vision of Love Wedding Programs to transform the look and feel. Originally designed in the refined and formal combo of black and white is stunning, but as you can see … can be totally altered with color.

Let’s give it a more regal and trendy look with the ever popular purple, eggplant.

purple wedding programs from MagnetStreet



And with the lovely neutrals of grey and ivory … the design is transformed into one with a vintage feel!

unique wedding programs from MagnetStreet



And with the sweetness of this springtime green, the overlook is light, airy and perfect for a spring or summer event!

green wedding programs from MagnetStreet



And lastly, the dreamy duo of classic and sky blue make a nautical statement–not easily forgotten.

blue wedding programs from MagnetStreet



These are just a few examples of color that you can choose from. That’s the beauty of personalizing your own program, you get to choose the color of your dreams!

Which color would you like the best?



Designer for MagnetStreet




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