Country Wedding: Valik & Anna

Feb 1 2012

We featured Anna & Valik’s ultra-fabulous country engagement session last summer and today…we have the privilege of featuring their equally fabulous and eclectic, vintage-country wedding! So fun and full of color and personality–from all the rustic elements in attire and decor, to Anna’s ceremony entrance on a horse, to their barn reception venue and loads of DIY details! It’s the sweetest of love stories–where all of their wedding dreams came true! Read along as our beautiful bride and country girl Anna, shares the day, the details and the people that made it possible.

Wedding Style Vintage, Southern, Rustic
Wedding Colors Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Plum, Brown.
Ceremony & Reception Lindsey Plantation Taylors, South Carolina
Wedding Photographer Julie Izotov of My Forever Images

Highlights of the day The weather was perfect, but the day before it was really cold…but we prayed and God took care of it all. It went by very smooth and relaxing. It was like a dream!
Advice you’re glad you took Don’t spend a lot of money on your wedding! Spend more on your honeymoon. We saved money every chance we could and God blessed us abundantly with a beautiful wedding that we shared with our close friends and relatives.
Advice you’d like to give There’s no reason to stress, or spend lots of money. Think about what you’d want, not what others would like because you’ll never impress everyone.
Best part of the wedding day Riding in on the horse and seeing my now husband beaming with joy!

And what about all of your lacy details? Yes. Yes. Yes! I love lace! I think it makes any setting look romantic.

Can you tell us about the eclectic attire of your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
We let them chose their outfits. To the guys, we gave an idea and to the ladies, I gave colors. They wore what they wanted to wear! I never liked the idea of the bride choosing some dresses and everyone looking the same–and then after the wedding, you don’t know what to do with the dress. So, my bridesmaids wore what they had or something they could wear again.

And your cowboy boots? Yes–gotta love em. They’re just like lace… they complete any outfit.

Oh my! You rode in on a horse?  Yes, that was my dream, the whole barn wedding idea. I wanted it to be different–not something everyone is used to, and something that represented us. We both love horseback riding. My next dream is to live on a ranch with a view and horses.

How about your barn venue? A few years ago I fell in love with a barn wedding idea and told my parents about it. Funny, my parents got married in a barn too–not because they wanted to, but because that was the only place that could fit all their guests! But, yes I love everything country…the barns, the fields, the view, the hay bails, the wildflowers, etc.

Tell us about your Sweetheart Table In the Russian culture, they like to sit the whole bridal party with the bride and groom at the reception. The American weddings that I’ve been to, I loved the fact that the bride and groom were by themselves and it was all about them–and that’s what I wanted. And because of the way this barn was set up, we couldn’t fit the bridal party up there with us and I wanted it to be one long banquet table–which my husband and brothers built in 9 hrs! Yep …all those picnic tables!!

Your tablescape is so creative: burlap, books, buttons, and spools! My cousin (who was my wedding planner) had them or found them at the flea market. She came up with the idea and I loved it!

Birds & Nests I saw the idea for the cake topper in a magazine and thought it would so go for our wedding–two lovebirds! And, my other cousin made the delicious cake.

The Hanging Pictures I saw the idea online and loved it! I was going to just have pictures hanging, but one of my bridesmaids made us a slideshow too…so that was sweet.

2 Dresses = ceremony + reception I bought them both brand-new and online–one on ebay and the other one on Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses and both were less than if I would have bought one at the bridal shop! I liked the idea of 2 dresses–but I kind of  had to…because I really wanted a mermaid dress–but would not have been able to ride on a horse with one. So, I got an a-line dress too–I loved both of them!

Special Acknowledgements from Anna…

Nothing would not have been possible without our Amazing God that took care of every little detail. My husband–who was willing to do something different and be there by my side through it all! My cousin, Irina Murzagildin–for running around town and searching Craigslist and eBay and going to flea markets and garage sales to find us the best deals on everything. And, who put the whole thing together days before and day of the wedding. My amazing friend Nadia Grigorchuk–for doing our flowers and going and picking wild flowers the day before the wedding. My dear friend and bridesmaid Marina Bachinskaya–for doing my hair and makeup. My Aunt Galina Arbatskiy–for altering my dresses. My cousin Julia Rovinsky–for baking the delicious cake. My best friend and cousin Julie Izotov–for capturing the day with her camera. My cousins David and Dima Zaytsev–for capturing video of our wedding. And because of all our friends and family who helped out, the list would be endless if I start. But God knows who they are because He sent them to us.

Aww, how sweet and thoughtful. Anna & Valik’s wedding is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have your dream wedding come true! But, with the love and support of family and friends, you can accomplish just about anything! Congratulations to you both–thanks so much for letting us in on your big day–so full of personality and creativity! Here is their wedding video–watch it. you’ll love it. I promise!

See more eye candy and glean more ideas for a country-rustic wedding at My Forever Images! By the way, Valik & Anna are photographers themselves–you can check out their site here.


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7 thoughts on “Country Wedding: Valik & Anna

  1. Turquoise, mustard yellow, plum…wow, what a beautiful color scheme! I also love the idea of bridesmaids picking their own dresses within a color palette…very unique and fun. Congrats Anna and Valik!

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  3. I love what they did with the barn! The bride’s hair and makeup (of course I would notice, since I am a hair and makeup artist in FL) were adorable, like her! I loved every detail!

  4. Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous bride and what a beautiful and original wedding! Cheers!

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