Creative Groom’s Cakes

Nov 4 2008

The groom’s cake is a southern tradition and as funky superstitious traditions go, single women at the wedding would take a piece of the groom’s cake home, put it under their pillows that night and expect to dream blissfully of the man they will soon marry… kinda cute.

Or, you could just use the tradition of the groom’s cake as an opportunity to honor your groom.  Surprise him with a cake that is totally fun and totally about him!  Since the groom’s cake should look nothing like the wedding cake, you have complete permission to be in stark contrast and have a blast designing a cake that highlights some fabulous aspect of his personality, hobby, profession, etc.  The whole idea behind the groom’s cake is to honor him… here are a few great ideas from

Two all beef pattys anyone?

How incredible is this drum set?  My husband is a drummer and I know he would just love this!

For the wine connoisseur… Doesn’t it look like you could just pick up a bottle of Pinot Noir?

Impressive.  Hopefully, they taste as good as they are works of art!

What style of cake would your husband be impressed with?

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