Cupcake Toppers

Oct 4 2010

Cute. Cute. Raise your hand if you don’t already think cupcakes are cute all by themselves BUT dress them up with darling cupcake toppers like the following~ and you double the cuteness factor! So, for those looking to inject a little more wow factor into your fall wedding… here are some fall cupcake topper ideas!

buttons + felt! just makes a person smile!

cupcake topper

via EpiCute. The Cute Food Blog

paper flower cupcake topper

darling paper flower toppers in rich tonesvia etsy seller Millalove

apple cupcake toppers

from Edible Crafts

for a more formal affair…

an elegant cupcake wrapper and edible fall leaf

fall wrapper and leaf cupcake topper

via Fancy Flours

simply LOVE this idea from Flapper Girl Creations

You could easily DIY your own…

take one of MagnetStreet’s large round wedding Seals… and use Design Studio to upload your photo. That would be the sweetest personalized cupcake ever!

large round wedding seal

Oui Oui Paris

Do you have a favorite?


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