Decorating With Edible Flowers

Apr 2 2009

Hopefully the weather is cooperating with the date on the calendar and spring has actually sprung in your area!  In any case, you know what SPRING BRINGS…

flowers and sunshine and color! Oh Yeah!

Flowers at a wedding?  Of course!  But, what about decorating with edible flowers?  You can make a gorgeous and colorful statement simply by using edible flowers as garnishes along the buffet… in the salad… in the soup… and on the dessert.  Another beautiful presentation option… making ice cubes with edible flowers inside or adding colorful flower petals to a punch bowl or in the ice ring.

But, the deal with edible flowers… you need professional guidance from the pros.  You certainly don’t want pesticides and noxious plants gracing your wedding tables.  So, if you would like to grow your own and/or decorate with edible flowers, be sure to first talk with a florist {and the caterer} who specialize in edible flowers.


Flowers in ice cubes from the fun, Show Me Vegan, blog


Pomegranate Martini via Hostess with the Mostess

{Image by David Murphy & Kara Matsunaga}




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