Wedding Color Combinations! Vote Your Fave

Feb 20 2014

Choosing your wedding colors is a really fun part of designing your wedding. Did you know that at MagnetStreet you can have any colors on any design? Another fun facet to choosing your colors at MagnetStreet, is that you can quickly change the color combinations on any design. And, you can save them, see other combos, and even vote for your favorite! Here’s how:

Play With Your Wedding Color Combinations On Any Design {see below}
* click on any design
* browse color palettes below design
* create your own palette
* save your colors & apply them to other designs!

Discover wedding color combinations on wedding stationery at MagnetStreet


Featured above is Devoted, a Save the Date Magnet design.

Notice the original color scheme … additional palettes that were created, and which palettes got the most votes. It’s fun and a great way to discover new color combinations, too!

Try this design or pick another Save the Date or Wedding Invitation design.


What are your colors? If you’re still deciding, this post details the 4 areas you should consider when choosing your colors.


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