Flower Girls and Floral Headbands

Feb 4 2009

Our flower girl was four years old at the time.  She was sooo cute~ but in a mood.  She wanted to accompany my Dad and I down the aisle, holding my hand.  I’m not sure she would have tolerated a floral headband.  But, if you can get your flower girl to wear one…  how fairy tale, renaissance precious it would be.

source: Wedding Channel


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4 thoughts on “Flower Girls and Floral Headbands

  1. Great idea! I personally love floral headbands.. but my three flower girls were in their 20’s.. I didn’t think they would have had appreciated walking around Las Vegas with flowers in their hair 😉

  2. Hi Alessandra,
    You’ve a beautiful name. I’m so glad you left a comment and that you’ll keep visiting TE. Thanks for being the cherry on top of my already-fine morning! 🙂

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