Color Monday: For Red Weddings

May 20 2013

Red is simply fabulous! It’s feisty and energetic … what else can we expect from the color of love! Pantone thinks so too … Poppy Red is one of their gorgeous spring wedding colors this year. And since we adore red weddings here at MagnetStreet too, we thought to inspire you this Color Monday–by personalizing three Wedding Programs with this hi-energy hue. That said, ceremony programs offer the perfect opportunity for reacquainting your color palette with guests–right from the start.

Here we’ve personalized our programs with this eye catching red, but remember you can personalize any design, in any color you want at MagnetStreet.


The flowers of the Flower Enchantment Wedding Program are just the right mix of pretty and simple. Personalize these beautiful digital blooms in the color of your flowers. {Psst. See how super sweet they look in lilac too!}

Flower Enchantment Wedding Programs

Flower Enchantment Wedding Programs



Vision of Love is a classic design. This Wedding Program designed in red really speaks to the contemporary couple. It’s modern yet–still retains a classic feel.

What do you think of it in light blue? Beach wedding anyone?

Vision of Love Wedding Programs





With a simple border and monogram, Effortless Emblem Wedding Program has an Art Deco feel but it’s a design that can work for any wedding style. Personalizing in red, keeps it modern and fun!

And since we’re experimenting with other colors today, we tried it out in a few more trendy color combinations like mint and peach, gray and eggplant, and a cheerful yellow and blue! Which is your favorite?

Effortless Emblem Wedding Programs


Effortless Emblem Wedding Programs



With an ultra-modern wedding look, Devoted Wedding Program design saturated in red is bold and vivacious. It quickly makes a statement.

Devoted design can look perfectly pretty in pink too …

Devoted Wedding Programs

Devoted Wedding Programs



With a simple circle element, Classic Love Wedding Programs are fun to pair with polka dots! But this design doesn’t need to be so bold either, you can flip the colors for a softer look.

Classic Love Wedding Programs

Classic Love Wedding Programs



It’s obvious to see how easy these programs change when color is applied. Use Design Studio–our online editing tool to try out different colors for your scheme. You’ll be able to see the results right away!

Which personalized Wedding Program do you think looked best personalized in Red?



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4 thoughts on “Color Monday: For Red Weddings

  1. I love the first one, Flower Enchantment — the red looks so romantic and classy in the floral print. Just the right amount of color. Lovely!

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