Free Wedding Color Palette

Feb 7 2013

Get a Free Wedding Color Palette–In Your Colors!

We are all about color here at MagnetStreet Weddings. Did you know that you can personalize any Save the Date and Wedding Invitation design in any colors you want? In fact, you can even create your own custom colors and get a free wedding color palette!

Well, we’d like to introduce you to a wonderful and free offering from MagnetStreet– custom color swatches featuring your wedding color palette—printed just for you and placed in a pretty package.

What’s So Great about Custom Color Swatches?

Weddings are all about colors–your colors! Your custom color swatches will not only allow you to see your colors in person, but you’ll also be able to share them with your bridesmaids and wedding vendors to ensure a perfect match with your: dresses, shoes, ties, décor, flowers, cake, etc.

It’s super fun and easy! Discover your colors … Request your free custom color swatches today!

Free Wedding Color Palette

Your Free Personalized Color Palette will Include:

  • your choice of up to 4 color swatches
  • a  free set of swatch cards for yourself and to share with your vendors
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3 thoughts on “Free Wedding Color Palette

  1. My wedding colour theme is blue but unsure on which colour of blue I want hope you can help many thanks in advance

  2. Hi Leanne–thanks for commenting! Blue is wonderful–so many different hues. No wonder you are having troubles choosing the right one :). Light blue (sky) is one of my favorites. Choosing a hue depends on a few factors: the season, venue colors, the mood you want to set and the formality of your wedding. Lighter shades are great for spring and summer weddings while the darker shades are fab for autumn and winter weddings. Of course navy is great any time of year! I hope you requested your free palette–it will help to see them in person! Here’s a that post might also help you further narrow it down. Best of luck. Let us know how else we can help!!

  3. Unsure of how to make the colors go without over doing it but I want all the colors because they mean something (our birthstones colors and our favorite colors) pink, green, yellow, and orange and also me and him have decided to wear white

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