Giveaway: Wedding Thank You Cards

Sep 28 2012

How would you like to WIN 200 Wedding Thank You Cards? I know, silly question. Here’s the skinny … MagnetStreet is giving away 200 Wedding Thank You Cards from our Facebook page. The 5 lucky winners will be randomly drawn and announced on 10/16/12. Enter to win on Facebook.

What’s so great about winning 200 Thank You Cards from MagnetStreet?

1. They’re free! Any design. Any style.
2. Gorgeous, professionally-printed Thank You Cards.
3. Easily personalized by you: your photos, your words, your fonts.
4. Check ‘ordering thank you’s’ off your to-do list early!

Wedding Thank You Photo Card

{One of our most popular designs: Enchanted Encounter Thank You Card}


Thank You Card Wording

There will be a lot of Thank Yous to write before and after the wedding. The best plan of attack to write them as soon as possible after the gifts come in and of course, after the wedding. No gift giver would expect a thank you reply the next day–but a good rule of thumb is–sooner than later. 

What to Say

From family to acquaintances, the tone  will vary from note to note. However, the anatomy of each note will be the same.  If the gift came damaged, first try to take care of the problem with the store yourself. And even if you don’t like the gift–you can still be appreciative yet honest. Emphasize something else i.e. “It was so wonderful that you could be with us on our special day!”

5-Part Anatomy of a Thank You Card
1. Salutation
2. Thank you line {keeping it simple and real}
3. Plans for the gift
4. Special acknowledgements {travel, time}
5. Appropriate Closure {Kindly, Best, With Love,}

Thank You Card Wording Examples:

{close family member}

Dear Uncle Jake and Aunt Judy,

Thank you for the gorgeous blanket you quilted for Michael and me. We will treasure it always. It means the world to us that you could make it to our wedding–we know it was a challenge. We look forward to see you soon and sharing the wedding pictures with you.

Much Love,
Sara and Michael


{friends, family and acquaintances}

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the bright red toaster you gave to Michael and me. We love it. It goes great in our new kitchen and we use it every day. Thanks so much for sharing in our big day. We were blessed to have you there!

Sara and Michael

Tips For Writing Your Thank Yous:

  • Use your guest list as a checklist
  • Keep record of WHO gave WHAT
  • Plan to write # a day {i.e. 10}
  • Use a high quality pen
  • Coordinate your Thank Yous with the rest of your wedding stationery
  • Order extras…


Enter to win 200 Thank Yous on Facebook:

Browse Thank You Cards.



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One thought on “Giveaway: Wedding Thank You Cards

  1. Great ideas/tips for Thank You notes! I’m going to start writing my own this weekend…so perfect timing with this post. Thanks!

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