Fun with Fonts: The Art of Wedding Typography

Jun 23 2011

Earlier this week Lindsay—one of our very talented graphic designers—talked about how to use color to transform the tone of your wedding stationery (see previous post).

Today we focus on another fun way to personalize your Save the Dates and Invites: fonts! Decorate your words by dressing them up in a font that complements your design and fits the tone of your wedding. Think of typography as dance. With fonts, you can make your words promenade across the page with a soft script font, or dance the tango with a dramatic typeface. It’s all about how you want to accessorize your wording.

Jennifer Daniels will be enlightening us today on the magic of font choice. As another one of our talented graphic designers at MagnetStreet, Jen understands the artistry behind type design, and experiments with fonts all the time for her designs. Below she talks about design and why she loves designing for weddings:

Jen, Graphic Designer at MagnetStreet


” Touches of nature with splashes of color… clean lines and lots of white space — that is my sort of style. I love looking at my finished designs online and then seeing them ordered and personalized by the customer in order to make it fit for their own wedding style. It gives me a great feeling knowing that I played a part in making their wedding day so special.”



Take it away, Jen!


Your wedding can not only be personalized by changing the colors on a design (see previous post), but the effect and feeling of the design can also be altered just by changing the font for your wording. By simply changing the typography on this popular Tender Tendril Save the Date design,  you can easily see how the four font choices below change the whole tone of the design and your wedding.


Tender Tendril, Copperplate - MagnetStreet



Copperplate was used in this design, giving it a more masculine, bold feeling. Yet, the clean letter lines still give the design an elegant, traditional, and polished feel. This font could be used for the bride who doesn’t want to introduce a script font in her wedding stationery, since Copperplate still has that elegant characteristic to it.






Tender Tendril, Goudy Old Style - MagnetStreet



This design used Goudy Old Style as the font. Goudy is an old-style classic serif font that has an innocence to it, giving off a simple, casual feel — perfect for an evening summer or spring wedding. In this font, the letters are gently curved and have soft edges that accentuate the vines and curves of this particular template.






Tender Tendril, Linoscript - MagnetStreet



Linoscript is a playful and casual font that looks great in almost all designs. It is a font that can dress up a stationery piece to give it a feminine and whimsical feel. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a font that is a little less casual, but still modern enough to include in all of your wedding stationery pieces.







Tender Tendril, Burgues Script - MagnetStreet



Burgues Script is a very elegant, calligraphy font that really raises the elegance factor of your stationery pieces. It is very flourished and has many ornate, beautiful letters in it that will really make your design stand out and set an exquisite tone for your wedding day.







Thanks, Jen, for giving us stunning visual examples of font personalization! It’s truly inspiring.

We offer a HUGE selection of fonts in our Design Studio. Click “Personalize” on any design to open Design Studio. Experiment with different font styles to see which ones you like! To get started, you can go directly to to the Tender Tendril design that’s featured in this blog post. Otherwise, shop around and find a design you want to use for experimenting with fonts.

So, how about you — what’s your favorite font? If you’ve already designed your Save the Dates or Invites, how did you make your decision on font choice? We’d love to hear about your personalized fonts!


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