Funeral Home as a Wedding Venue?

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Really? Really.

It’s true. Many a couple are saying “I Do” in funeral homes … errr I mean, event centers. And, whether it’s  desperate times forcing “funeral homes” to reinvent themselves or simply because it’s a great opportunity for couples to save on their wedding budget, this has trend written all over it.

To be honest, my mind goes right to those stereotypical images of pedestals, outdated furniture, urns, gladiolas, closed doors that lead to … well, you know.

But, what are we if we’re not flexible right? What do you think of this reinvention of funeral homes into celebratory places for every stage of life ~ including weddings? Some “event centers” are absolutely gorgeous  and celebratory in feel … Just don’t forget to pause and allow your guests to get the snicker out of their systems when the minister says … til death do you part.

According to USA Today in this article, a lot of brides and grooms-to-be don’t seem to mind getting married in a funeral home.

What do you think? A little spooky? Not at all? Could you do it?

Why or why not get married in a funeral home?

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  • Raven

    I would love to get married in a funeral home or a graveyard.. I need to pitch that to my fiance!

  • Pam

    My sister had a friend who lived in the back of a funeral home {family business}. Went there to play once. Couldn’t handle it – mostly the smell.

  • Corinna Hoffman Photography

    Maybe a portrait session like the trashing the wedding dress..but having a wedding there? Yikes, kinda scary ;) It may also be viewed as disrespectful to some cultures… ;) But then again, there’s a holiday in the Philippines called All Saints Day (day after Halloween) and people have parties on the cemetery all day :)

  • Corinna Hoffman Photography

    Oops.. I was more thinking of the graveyard and not the funeral homes.. I do agree with Pam, though, that it smells in funeral homes.. ;)

  • Shafonne Myers

    It’s kinda funny but I am definitely seeing an increase in this trend. I know it is kinda spooky but I guess if you think of it as a place where you celebrate someone’s life then it’s not so bad.

  • Ae

    I am considering doing it at my grandfather’s nursing home. I thought maybe the older generation would like a happy event in their main room instead of funerals. Plus grandpa and his girlfriend can come. My fiance is SLOWLY coming around to the idea.

  • Jade

    I will probably get married in a funeral home if I can convince my boyfriend. The reason for me though is I just graduated Mortuary School and funeral homes have always given me a very peaceful, happy feeling for some reason. Funeral service is my passion so I will have the two loves of my life present…my boyfriend and the funeral bus. :)