Funny RSVP Wording

Oct 6 2009

Humor is just another defense against the universe

{Mel Brooks}

It’s common knowledge that getting the RSVPs back can be challenging. Well, maybe, just maybe… putting a little humor into your RSVP wording might help with the success rate!  Whatever the result… laughter is good medicine and who couldn’t use a little good medicine in their wedding planning. Right? Right.

Imagine how much fun personalizing your wording will be.  I’ve come up with a few of my own alternative RSVP versions to give you some ideas {below}.

RSVP card Classic Allure

RSVP card {from the Classic Allure ensemble}

Répondez S’il Vous Plait

____ I don’t speak French, but if you want to know if we’re coming… YES!

____ Pardon my French.  We no can come.


Please Respond by November 15, 2009

____ Yes. You can bet your bottom dollar, we’re attending!

____ No.  But if you send us your bottom dollar, we’ll attend.

____ Just kidding about above statement.  We still won’t be attending.

____ We don’t bet. And, we still can’t attend.


{for a garden wedding}

____ Come rain or shine… we’ll be there!

____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!


{for a country wedding}

____ Yes! We’ll be there y’all… boots chaps and cowboy hats.

____ No! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.


{for a casual wedding}

____ Yes! We are SO there.

____ Sorry! Can’t make it.

____ Can’t commit. But I’ll probably show up anyways!

{Test the theory… Order 75 with funny RSVP wording and 75 more traditional… see if you get more responses back with the funny wording}.

What else can you put on your RSVP cards… check this post for more ideas!


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4 thoughts on “Funny RSVP Wording

  1. Love the ideas, what a great way to get people to remember to respond if you ask something fun of them!

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