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May 3 2013

I love to shop online and I bet you do too. It’s extraordinary {yet commonplace} to have the world at our fingertips for our shopping perusal. Yet, there will always be that desire to have and to hold before we commit to the purchase. This might be especially true for something as important as your wedding stationery! Did you know that you can get…

Just One® Save the Date or Wedding Invitation fully personalized, printed and shipped right to your door!

So, if you are still deciding between colors for your wedding stationery … or you love a certain design but want to see how your name and colors look on it … you can order Just One.

Just One® Wedding Invitation-MagnetStreet Weddings

Why order Just One?

  • Confidence: By seeing your colors, photos, fonts on your design and holding it in your hands, you can feel confident that your design is The One.
  • Affordable to FREE: Just One’s start at just $7–$10, and when your order arrives, you’ll receive a special promo code that will enable you to apply the cost toward your full order later. Essentially, your Just One will be FREE!
  • Plus, free shipping!

Why not order Just One?


How to place your Just One order:

1. Find a design
2. Personalize with your colors, photos, fonts, and special wording.
3. Select a quantity of 1. Don’t forget to add your embellishments {carrier card, enclosures, etc}!
4. Place your order. It will be ready to ship in just 3 business days.



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