Gina & Brandon’s California Fall Wedding

Jan 18 2012

Gina & Brandon
September 5, 2010, on a Sunday afternoon over Labor Day Weekend

I’m thrilled to bring you Gina and Brandon’s sunny California soiree today. Gina of Pure Luxury Transportation is a long time friend of Truly Engaging and is as sweet as they come! And, what a sweet wedding they had too–intimate and outdoors–under a canopy of flowers, surrounded by wine country and in the open countryside. More than fresh air, fanciful florals, and captivating colors, Gina and Brandon’s successful wedding day formula hinged on being surrounded by the love and support of family and friends! Enjoy all the sunny details–as well as savvy planning advice from our beautiful bride!

Wedding Colors Shades of orange & blue. I just loved the way they went together and I thought they worked for a wedding in September.
Photographer Fresh Elegance Photography. The company is a duo; Gilberto Ramirez & Shae Hancock.
Ceremony & Reception Rooster Run Golf Course, Petaluma California. We did everything local.
Flowers Vanda Floral

california fall wedding

Highlights of the day:
– Being surprised by my sister who had secretly contrived to have a limo pick up me & my bridesmaids from my house. Since we did everything local, the venue was only a couple of miles from my house. I thought my best friend was going to have her boyfriend take us to the venue. Awesome surprise!
– One of my longtime friends snuck into the changing room–I was so happy to see her I thought I would cry & ruin my makeup.
– My bridal party sneaking me out of the changing room to check out the decorations for the reception.
-The kiss … once pronounced husband & wife!
-The mariachi’s playing during the reception.

Advice I’m glad I took One of my co-workers suggested that I take 5 days off before the wedding instead of the 1 I was planning on – so glad I took that advice!

Advice I’d like to give:
– Allow time for you and your bridesmaids to hang out in the bridal changing room – even if it’s just for champagne & chocolate covered strawberries.
– Be ready for anything or everything to not go according to plan & know that it will still be a beautiful experience.
– Remember that these are your friends & family, don’t be a bridezilla. One of the things I kept hearing all day was, “You’re so calm. I don’t know how you do it!” Many things didn’t go according to plan but I remained calm. I decided the only person who could ruin our wedding day was me by getting tense, irritated, frustrated, etc. So, when things went astray I looked around & noticed that the guests had no idea. I took a deep breath, let go, & had a great time!

Best part of the whole wedding day Arriving at our hotel & enjoying a 5 star dinner & reliving the experience with my husband!

Cheers Gina & Brandon! Thanks for sharing your wedding day with all of us. We wish you continued joy and many many many years of love & happiness!





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