Giving Thanks As You Plan Your Wedding

Nov 23 2011

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings and give thanks for our health, our family, our friends, and all the other beautiful things in life, both great and small. Yet, although it is a time-honored Thanksgiving tradition, expressing gratitude is a habit that can be practiced all year long.

For weddings, when we think of giving thanks, most of us think of it in terms of sending thank you notes after the wedding has already passed. However, there are many ways–and reasons–to give thanks before your wedding day, too. From vendors and wedding party members to parents and future in-laws, there are many people involved in bringing your dream wedding to life.

As they help you plan your way down the aisle, use Personal Stationery to send them special, personalized notes of appreciation and gratitude. You can use them however you want: thank them for something very specific, like how your bridesmaid came over with cupcakes  and hugs when you were having a late-night meltdown. Or, send a general message of thanks for their continual love, support, and services.

Showing appreciation is a great foundation upon which to build your future marriage. Oh, and don’t forget to send notes to the most important person in your life: your spouse! By sending little notes of love and thanks, you can write the first chapters of your lifelong long story of love together.

Here at MagnetStreet, we offer a variety of Personal Stationery designs that you can use as wedding note cards or personalized thank you cards. Below are a few of our favorite designs. With any design, you completely personalize the colors, photos, fonts, and wording–making it easy to design your own message of thanks.


In Full Bloom - Personal Stationery by MagnetStreet

Personal Stationery Design: In Full Bloom


Watercolor Bloom - Personal Stationery by MagnetStreet

 Personal Stationery Design: Watercolor Bloom


Classic Love - Personal Stationery by MagnetStreet

Personal Stationery Design: Classic Love


How about you: Do you plan on sending little notes of thanks as you plan your wedding? Or, have you been the recipient of a special thank you note from a bride or groom? We’d love to hear!


–Rachel, writer at MagnetStreet Weddings


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