Groom Style & Wedding Invitations

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We usually pair wedding invitation designs as they relate to the bride’s style …  So today, we’ll be giving the groom’s style a shout out– because every groom has a distinct look and a unique style too.

What do you think of these wedding invitation designs for these stylish grooms?  

For a fun groom that’s both classic and quirky like this … I chose the Seamless Charm design.  

black and white wedding invitation

groom via Wedding Channel


This groom looks like he’s about outdoor weddings and simple pleasures … I chose Stylish Bamboo

garden wedding invitation

groom imagse via Brides



Modern. Cool. Calm. … how could I choose any other design than Peacock Pizzazz

peacock wedding invitation

groom via Wedding Channel


Although, I adore this bride’s mid-century look, the groom’s look has a modern-vintage appeal all on his own! That is why I didn’t look any further than Floral Ornament.

black and white vintage wedding invitation

bride and groom via One Wed


So what comes first, the groom’s style or the wedding invitations?

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  • Pam

    Great pairing of invites with the grooms!


    Great blog on groom invitations style, very unusual and unique, I think that this is a great idea:) love it

  • Gina Trump

    I love the first picture wearing Chuck shoe :)

  • Diamond rings

    stunning wedding invitations, so pretty and simple. Want one like this.

  • Corinna Hoffman

    I love this post! The first one is my favorite! :)

  • Rach

    Love the spin on using the groom for inspiration…very creative and fun! And after all, a marriage requires both partners :)